Best Emulators To Play Mobile Games On PC

When it comes to mobile gaming there are loads and loads of games that are meant to be played on mobile, but if you find yourself wanting to play them on PC, we have made this list to help you find out which emulators will work best for you.

LD Player

ld player promotional
So far from all the emulators we have tried LD Player has proven itself over and over to be the most optimised one for games. Most of the games that had frame issues on other emulators had no lags on this at all, however the loss of this emulator is at settings. LD Player lacks a lot of custom choices in settings compared to our next title


BlueStacks promotional
BlueStacks is one of the older emulators in the market, and the experience shows. The ridiculous ammount of settings, to increase compatibility really helps you when you are unable to find solution with any other emulator.

Nox Player

nox promotional
When you have a lower end machine, or want to run multiple instances with using least resources Nox Player comes in the most handy and being able to make Nox player be any resolution you want is also very convenient, especially when you only want it to take 1/4 of the screen. Compared to Bluestacks or LD Player though, Nox lacks in performance when you try to play single game. Even though it uses least resources, the quality settings become rather not great looking.

Memu Play

Memu promotional
Very similar to Nox Player memu doesn't fall behind from any of the above, and at the same time it's a mix. We have tried it on more powerfull machine and memu ended up being the most optimal emulator for when you want to run multiple instances that would still look nice and not overheat your computer

Phoenix OS

phoenix os promotional
The last item in our list is not even an Emulator, but for those of you who have been looking around the internet for emulators for your old laptop which you don't really use but wish you could just leave that auto grindy MMORPG on it day and night (like i do with my old laptop) this is the thing.
Phoenix os is installed parallel to your windows, and from the start you will find a lot of bugs and glitches in it. It's not great, and the ads are annoying, but phoenix OS does magic when you want to play some mobile game on a pc that otherwise can't handle any emulator. I have only tried this with my Pentium b960 which has SSD in it, that normaly was unable to even start an emulator. On phoenix OS i was playing PubG mobile (guilty as charged) on decent FPS and max graphical settings.
Normally i wouldn't reccommend Phoenix OS, but this is the option for those who have tried everything else.

For now These Emulators have been the best options if you want to play mobile games on PC. We know that NCSoft has released theyr "Purple" Project which runs absolutely magical with any PC. Hopefully in the future more MMORPG Developers will follow the example, but for now this is it. Let us know if you think we skipped a good option in the comments bellow.

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