Infinity Conflict Gameplay

Infinity conflict is a new mobile action RPG currently available only in China. The game has beautifull graphics, intuitive combat, amazing soundtrack. So far there is no western release date, but i am very excited for this one.
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Goddess of Genesis

Goddess of Genesis is a new mobile anime Gacha RPG currently available in SEA. The game has great visuals, interesting story, good soundtrack and great voice acting.
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The Outcast Gameplay

The Outcast is a mobile arcade like fighting MMORPG releassed by Tencent and based on chinese anime with the same name. This is video of tutorial phase, and i have to tell you, it's really fun!
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Rogue Agents Gameplay

Rogue Agents is a new mobile shooter released in may. The game plays much better on PC emulator than mobile. After playing it for a couple of hours i couldn't stick to it because it simply wasn't any better or different than any other shooter.
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ZENONZARD Gameplay tutorial

Zenonzard is a new Multiplayer online card game (CCG) released by Bandai Namco. Game has anime artstyle, lots of cards and interesting new mechanics. This is a tutorial video
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Guardian Tales Prologue

Guardian Tales is a Cute Mobile Multiplayer Online RPG made by Kakao Games. This is first 15 min of Prologue
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Royal Crown Gameplay

Royal Crown is a new Isometric Mobile Battle Royale game. The game has cute, ragnarok like graphics, leveling system, bunch of unlockable characters. This is Bella (first free archer) gameplay.
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Lineage 2 M Daily raid boss level 50

Lineage 2 M is coming to mobile and PC with NCSOFTs newly introduced project Purple. Check out the gameplay of lvl 50 daily boss.
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Light of Thel 5v5 PVP arena

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is a chinese mobile MMORPG currently available in SEA. Check out the Real-time 5v5 pvp arena. If you want to try the game click Here
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Blade and Soul: Revolution 30vs30 raid PVP

Blade and Soul revolution is a netmarbles remake of a PC title. PC game had a very good combat system, which seems to transition perfectly to the mobile game. Check out this 30vs30 objective based battleground
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The videos section has a lot of different mobile mmo and mmorpg videos. We have just made our youtube channel in which we will mostly show gameplay and pvp videos. We sometimes take content from other creators aslong as they permit it and display it on our website if we find it fun or interesting to watch. Though most of it is informative, and tries to shape a view of how the game is going to look like or what it is. In the future we plan to focus more on the games that are currently unavailable in english so that people could get information on how the game looks like.

We also have facebook profile but we won't post videos there, since we like youtube better.

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