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About "Upcoming"

What is this page all about?

This page is made out of two sections.

Section one is the left side of section that cover all upcoming mobile MMO, MMORPG or multiplayer Online games, that are either confirmed to be released in West or are developed by studios that are well known to publish their games in west aswell. The Upcoming mobile mmo section mostly covers the games that are mobile MMO or MMORPG. Sometimes we include games that are not really mmo, because we think they deserve to be noted or if simply we are very hyped for them. Sometimes though we make an error in assumption that the game is going to be released, and yet it never releases, since even the biggest companies sometimes don't want to do anything with the western audience. Hopefully you will allow mistakes like that for us, and keep tracking our website.

The second section on the right is a preregister on google play section. Here you can find all the mobile MMO and MMORPG or Multiplayer Online games that are going top be released soon through google play. We think it's a very convenient filter since there is so many games on play store that are either offline, or pretend to be online. So we do this so you wouldn't need to browse through all that, but you still want to be first when the game releases. We do not include paid games since we think in this day and age the only true format is free to play. Sometimes we are not in time to update all the newest games here, but we try. We always try our best.

Why is this page important? and to whom?

This page is important to the true competetive mobile mmo and mmorpg community. Those gamers are really intense and the first day and being first in the line is super important. The tryhards and competetive players always try to be first ones in MMORPG, but there are many sites covering mmorpgs, however there are not that many properly listing mobile mmorpgs. As we already have mentioned, our main goal is giving you the best mobile MMORPG choice. You can find all the games to preregister either through play store or their official website. Also you will always know what to be hyped for.

Personally i am a huge mmorpg fan, and now i am a huge mobile mmorpg fan. I always play something, and always try to be first in every launch, and often try the games in other regions. If you are like me, i sure hope you will find this page usefull.

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