Ulala: Idle Adventure review

If you like idle, micromanaging and mmo games, look no further. Ulala gives you the experience with a tiny 20-40 minute per day investment. Honestly i liked the game so much i ended up playing a team of 3 characters just to spend more time in the game. Click here if you are interested in trying the game

ulala idle mmorpg promotionalulala idle mmorpg promotionalulala idle mmorpg promotionalulala idle mmorpg promotionalulala idle mmorpg promotional
in this review we will talk about (click to scroll):
  • Early game
  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Endgame
  • Cash shop
  • whether it's actually a mobile game

Early Game

Right after starting you will be thrown into a 14 day competition called "hunting season".
In the Hunting season your goal is to race against other players to beat as much content as you can, after which you will be given a reward according to how many % of players you managed to beat.
The entire Hunting season works as an intro to the game for new players, so you will be competing only with people who started on the same day.
Once the Hunting Season is done, you will be transfered to the main server where you will be introduced to clans, PVP and the rest of the content.

ulala idle mmorpg hunting seasonulala idle mmorpg hunting seasonulala idle mmorpg hunting season


PVP in the game is as you would expect. Since it's an idle game, the arena that exists is an afk arena where your opponents are a team of other player characters. You don't have much control in the battle other than setting up your skills and making sure the timings are right.

ulala idle mmorpg PVP arenaulala idle mmorpg PVP arenaulala idle mmorpg PVP arena


The entire PVE consists of constantly challenging bosses to open new maps and increase your xp/currency gains, as well as unlocking new talents, attributes and other character improvement systems.
The important thing about this game is the amount of pets and how significant they are. The pets give your character a boost to attack, defense, and HP, and they themselves deal massive damage. You have to make sure that elements are correctly set up to be able to beat the most bosses, as type match-ups are exist.
The rest of the gameplay is similar to PVP which is always making sure that the right skills are equiped, and the timing to use certains CC or buff is always right.
Finding a team early is also very important. Finding a good one is half of the job.

ulala idle mmorpg  skillsulala idle mmorpg timingulala idle mmorpg pets


Once the hunting season is finished and you are transfered into main server, there is similar event to hunting season once every 2 weeks where you and other people from the server compete in "Hero Hill" to beat as many bosses as you can.
Another part of the Endgame in Ulala is rather simple. You get more xp, you improve your character, you meet people, join clans etc etc.
The game introduces new events to keep players engaged.
As mentioned before, the game only takes 20-40 minutes daily, and it doesn't get boring quickly. It has a bunch of character customisation tools, enormous amount of pets and the interesting systems will keep you in game for a while.
Oh! there is also Clan War, but I didn't get a chance to experience that.

ulala idle mmorpg Hero hillulala idle mmorpg Hero hill rankingulala idle mmorpg toys

Cash Shop

Sadly, cash shop in the game is as bad as it gets. Both in hunting season and hero hill, the people who pay will win. The game is absolutelly free though, and most things are obtainable for free. With cash you can buy currency and with that currency buy boosts and things to improve you character.

ulala idle mmorpg cash passulala idle mmorpg passulala idle mmorpg cash shop

Is it mobile?

Yes it is. Playing it on PC gives you no benefit, and you don't have to keep it running all the time to progress.

in Conclusion:

The game has plenty to offer, especially since it's free. If you are like me, and enjoy both Idle and MMORPG, this game is definetly a must try. However, if you go in with mentality to win, you will end up being disappointed since the payer is the winner.

Author: Niun.

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