Tales of Wind Review

In this review we will be talking about a Chinese mobile MMORPG called Tales of Wind also known as Laplace M in SEA and China. I have been playing the game for a good 8 months and I think I can give it a proper review, so let's get into it. Click here if you are interested in trying the game.

Tales of wind promotionalTales of wind promotionalTales of wind promotionalTales of wind promotionalTales of wind promotionalTales of wind promotional
in this review we will talk about (click to scroll):
  • Early game
  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Endgame
  • Cash shop
  • whether it's actually a mobile game

Early Game

Early game in Tales of Wind doesn't differ much from other mobile MMORPGs. Once you start, if you select the newest server, you will be competing with people who have started that same week, and all the content will be unlocked according to the server level cap.
The gameplay itself is simple. For the starting 10 levels you won't have auto play, but after that it's auto questing and auto dungeons, though, if you want to try hard, you will have to do all the content manually to maximise rewards.
Leveling is quick and painless, and you will most likelly will be able to hit the level cap on the same day s u start or on 2 days.
Right from the start Tales of Wind will reward you with beautifull and cute visuals.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpgTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpgTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpgTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg outfits


The game offers plenty of PVP modes, like bot arena, guild war, 5v5 ruins duel and more, but at the same time it doesn't have PVP. The hitboxes in the game are horrible and impossible to understand where they start or where they end. The skill range also never makes sense. You will get pulled and stunned by god knows what or who. The balance of classes is absolutely absurd, and every time they try to fix it, they just ruin it completely all over again. I have played as priest for the most part, and the experiences I had in PVP were so bad that I wished it didin't exist (since as a priest I would heal random targets instead of my team, and not even myself), and normally I play for PVP. However, soon you understand that you play this game not for PVP.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg arenaTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg arena


Contrary to PVP the PVE in game feels much better. Dungeons require you to be present for a while, since a lot of them relies on mechanics instead of BR. Lots of daily and weekly challenges will not allow you to be auto or with bots at all, since they are rather hard. Guild raids are mostly a mess, but also rely on you being able to avoid getting hit. Higher level dungeons have difficult mechanics, where everyone has to do everything perfectly or you won't be able to pass the challenge.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg arenaTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg arena


You reach the endgame in Tales of Wind fairly quickly and once it starts, it doesn't get annoying too fast. Doing daily quests and weekly events, as well as guild wars, although not at the highest quality, will keep you entertained for a while. However the thing that kept me in game wasn't any of the things I just said, instead it was the community. From all the mobile games I have played, Tales of Wind definitely has the best community (with a lot of girls as well) to interact with. Social gameplay is definetly the main part of the endgame, though of course character development is also important.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg weddingTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg marriage

Cash Shop

Cash shop in game is as you would expect. Pretty much everything can be bought, and there is plenty of items that are only available for pay to win players. If you are competing for BR you have no chance.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg Cash shopTales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg pay to win

However the game also has a different side to it, which looks more bright for free-to-play players and that is character building.
The way you build your character is much more important than the amount of battle rating you have, since very often battle rating comes from stats that are not as important, but give you lots and lots of BR.

Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg cards Tales of wind Open world mobile mmorpg cards

Is it mobile?

Neocraft has released a PC version (same servers) for the game, which is absolutely horrible. Playing it on emulator is not bad, but to be honest, playing it on mobile works the best. Like any other mobile MMORPG you would save your battery to do auto dailies on PC, but phone version is far more optimised, and aiming your skills is way easier

in Conclusion:

If you are looking for a competetive mobile MMORPG, where you could get as fair a competition as possible, this game is not for you. The competition will never be fair. I have played it for 8 months and I managed to always stay in high BR position and was always one of the strongest healers in the servers I have played in, without actually paying, but the gap between me and the top 1 people was just so impossibly huge. It wasn't because of BR only, it was also because of special cards that you can only get through paying, which was very disappointing.
However, If you are looking for a cute social game, in which you would like to have plenty of fun and meet a lot of awesome people, look no further. The game provides everything you would want from social game.

Author: Niun.

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