Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus review

In this review we will talk about GT Arcades new mobile MMORPG Light of Thel, currently available in SEA region. You can check the game out here

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These are our review points (click to scroll):
  • Early game
  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Endgame
  • Cash shop
  • whether it's actually a mobile game

Early Game

Early game in Light of Thel doesn't differ at all from any mobile MMORPG. It is auto questing, auto leveling, and in general just clicking a lot of buttons.
The grind is real, but not that long, since once the dungeons start, that auto has to be turned off.
Visualy the game looks very similar to Tales of Wind, and is very appealing.

light of thel mobile mmorpglight of thel mobile mmorpglight of thel mobile mmorpglight of thel mobile mmorpg


There is multiple PVP modes in the game, starting with arena where you fight against bots, and ending with real-time guild wars. Combat in the game feels rather good. Playing for berserker, I was enjoying every second of it, and since you can always switch between 2 specialties, the customisation of your build can become really interesting. Playing in SEA will keep you at 300ms+ ping though, which is very noticable.


PVE in the game is mostly based on dungeons that are really fun. Each normal dungeon is made of 3 bosses, of which each of them drops loot, so combining nightmare modes with hard modes is a viable strategy for maximum loot yeld.
The dungeons themselves have plenty of logic and strategy to it, and even though you can complete quite a bit of them with bots, later dungeons require you to have a team of thinking people.
The game provides you with a bunch of weekly and daily events, as well as team dungeons (10 man raids) and lots of other things to do that will need you to be in a guild or at least always look for a team.

The unique thing about PVE in this game is that instead of giving you auto bots, it lets you manage your own bots giving them armor, leveling them and such, like in a gacha rpg game. The mechanic is interesting and my bots ended up being so strong they dealt more damage than me the entire time!

light of thel mercenarieslight of thel mercenarieslight of thel mercenarieslight of thel mercenaries


The endgame comes rather quickly in light of thel. A day or two of story questing and you are already involved into catching events, of which there are plenty. During 2 weeks of game I was able to explore only about 60% of everything the game has to offer, but what I understood from all that is that the endgame is not dissapointing.
Guild events, Weekly events, multiple PVP modes, as well as crafting give you a lot of things to do in game. The grind doesn't start too quickly, and getting bored of it was rather hard.

Cash Shop

Cash shop is horrible in this game. All the boosts and multiple packs, premium membership, battle pass, all the good stuff is there. But the worst part is not the fact that it has so many, because to be honest every mobile mmorpg does that nowadays, the worst part is the way they force all the "buy this, buy that, oh look you can get double and triple here if you just pay this and that" messages every step of the way. The game is really fun, but the money begging is just painful.

light of thel cash shoplight of thel cash shopThough apart from being super annoying, the game is free to play, and everything is obtainable for free, with timely grind.

is it mobile?

The game doesn't rely on field auto grind and the controls really feel better on phone than on PC. However, once you get into the daily grind mode, it might take you 3-5h daily to complete all the dailies, sometimes even more. When that happens keeping the game on phone doesn't seem like a good idea. However if you are casual player, there is no need to use PC for this.
Playing this on emulator I saved a lot of battery, but also lost a lot of comfortable PVE/PVP momments, because on PC aiming skills is very uncomfortable.

in Conclusion:

I am excitedly hoping for the game to launch globally, as playing it on SEA times and 300 ping is definetly not how it should be experienced.
Even though the game is p2w in regards to battle rating, there is plenty of things a free-to-play player can do to improve your chances.
Skill tree is rather amazing for a mobile game, and has many variations. Every pet also has a skill that can help you in battle.

light of thel skillslight of thel sprite pet  skills
and the variations for talents lets you build a character that fits you the best
light of thel berserker talent treelight of thel berserker talent tree
Overall the game has plenty to offer, and I hope you will give it a shot. As of now there is no official release date for the global version, or for that matter, no official confirmation that the game is going to be released in EU. But given that the developer is GT Arcade and the following this game has in SEA, the hope remains

Author: Niun.

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