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Reviews. This whole page is mobile mmo, mmorpg and multiplayer online reviews.

Here we will be reviewing the games that we spent enough time in to review. We play lots and lots of games, but not all of them stick. a lot of them require far more time than possible to spend, especially if you play mobile mmorpg. Playing one mobile mmorpg usually takes all the gaming time, so reviewing more than one at once is close to impossible, but sometimes there is a different kind of game that is really fun and takes the ineterest, so we will review anything that seems fun to us.

is it mostly mmorpg again?

Mostly yes. Mobile mmorpg is the most interesting genre to me personally so i will spend most of my time on it. However there are others like Salley that like different kind of games, and from time to time she might drop articles if she finds something interesting. Though she is all about Pokemons.

There are plenty of review sites, why pick this one?

We structurise our reviews to give you the most information in the shortest ammount of time without reading bunch of useless text. If you are interested in an honest review this is the structure we use.
  • Early Game. We talk about leveling if there is one, or just about early impressions like how forcefull the game is for you to do things, or how free it lets you chose what you want to do aswell as initial impressions about how it looks how controls are and if it's laggy or not.
  • PVP if it has one, we try to describe how it plays how it feels, how many modes there are, if it's brutal if it's lenient towards new players is it br based, or if it is paid. Keep in mind we only focus on PVP that is real time with players fighting at the same time, thus we don't include games that have a combination of bots fighting for them. we also focus on clan pvp, guild pvp and mass pvp battles, how laggy they are or if they work well.
  • PVE. in pve we talk about how fun the pve is. if it's auto or if it's manual, if it is dungeon based or if it is field auto grinding game (which we don't like since it's not a mobile game). We also see if it has a story, and if it has one how good is it.
  • End Game. In this section we talk about what happens after you reach max level or close to max level, once you clear the main content. So this section focuses on weekly and daily events, how boring they are or how fun, aswell as social aspects of the game, how game tries to make people socialise, or guild action like wars, raids and events.
  • Cash SHop. here we obviously talk about how cash shop works in the game. Our most important focus is wather all things are obtainable for free, or some are only cash exclusive. Also we focus if the game has energy or if it lets you playt as much as you want. After all this we try to rate it according to how much of an advantage you get for paying a minimum ammount, and how big of an advantage you gain for spending like a rich person.
  • Is it mobile? this section talks about weather the game is actually mobile. Nowadays a lot of mobile mmorpgs tend to pretend to be mobile, but soon after you start playing them you are left with no choice but to play them on pc since using your phone for full day field auto grind is not a great idea both for destroying your phone and also the fact that you don't have a phone once it's running. Always keeping that phone on the charger turns it into an actual landline telephone. Thus telephone tappie = teletappie.
  • Conclusion. is our general thought about the game, or how exceptional it was.
This way we think we are able to give you the quickest and most informative review of the game.
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