SINoALICE is a new Gacha RPG crafted by Square Enix. The game has great soundtrack, quick yet interesting storytelling aswell as unique gameplay and PVP.
ZENONZARD is a card game released by Bandai Namco. The game is not yet another copy of hearthstone and has new interesting mechanics to show.
KartRider Rush+ is a mobile Multiplayer Online PVP Racing Game released by Nexon. I had a lot of fun playing this one, check it out!
Rogue Agents is a new Multiplayer Online Shooter. The game doesn't anything new, and doesn't play well on mobile but playable on emulators.
Royal Crown is a mobile Battle Royale game with cute, ragnarok like graphics and strategic gameplay. Game had a rough launch, but it's running good now and worth checking out
Legends of Runeterra Is a mobile fantasy card game released by League of Legends creators Riot Games.
Dead by Daylight (US) is a rather decent transition from a popular PC horror game with the same title.
Teamfight Tactics is an auto-chess strategy game first released on PC by Riot games (creators of LOL) and now on mobile.
Kick-Flight Have you ever wanted to kick people while flying around? There you have it. The game is simply great.
Battle Racing Stars is a very casual and very fun multiplayer racing experience. If you are looking for a game to fill short breaks, Check it out!
Respawnables is a cartoonish looking third person shooter that relies more on weapons than aiming, which makes it pretty fun for mobile shooter fans
7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is an RPG adaptation of a popular anime of the same title. The game has a good story and beautiful graphics. Check it out!
Extraordinary Ones In a world that has one too many MOBAs, NetEase still manages to make one that is still refreshing. Check out this 5v5 Anime MOBA!

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What is Teletappie?

Teletappie is a website that uses the information from various sources to decide which mobile games are the best. We only Cover mobile games that have either MMO or Multiplayer Online elements, and only games that have real time PVP action or guilds, and global chat. A couple of Exceptions are made due to how many high level games are made and also, it's hard to review all of them. We try to find all the newest games that are available in all regions, and try them and give you the best picks. Our main focus is Mobile MMORPG, however we also are fans of all of the online games for mobile.

Why was teletappie created?

Teletappie was created when one very bored man tried to find games to play and realised that there are no websites that would have a proper gamelist. Trying to find a new mobile mmorpg on google play is the same as trying to find a specific fish in the ocean. The play store has so many apps and games that properly keeping track of them might seem impossible, that's why we are focused only on multiplayer games.

What other things does teletappie cover?

We make videos on youtube of gameplays of games, that are hard to find, but our main focus is mobile mmorpgs, mobile mmo, and multiplayer online games.
We will keep working and improving this website, adding more content and try to attract as many people as possible, since we think that there is too many mobile MMORPGs and MMO games that are unnoticed. We are not interested in Best Selling mobile Games, instead we are interested in games that have a lot to offer to person.

What is this specific page about?

This page is seperated in thee main sections. First section is Featured games, where we display the games that we think should be tried, or ideally at some point, it will be a place for sponsored games. The featured slider is a very nice place for mobile mmo, and mmorpg, and small boxes are great for other games.
Second section is Featured articles about various things like top mobile mmorpg, and top mobile mmo, or top emulators, or best gadgets to buy for PUBG mobile and other stuff like that.
The third section is a router between new mobile MMO and new mobile MMORPGs. We follow all mobile games, and try to add them as quickly as possible. Once you click on MMO you will see all newest mobile mmo games, once you click on MMORPg you will see all the newest mobile MMORPG games. MMO sometimes include games that are not really mmo, just have a big online.

what is best mobile mmorpg?

it's an mmorpg that is best played on phone instead of pc, ideally it would have everything for a mobile. so you wouldn't need to spend a lot, and get best possible experience.

What does teletappie stand for?

Tele - Telephone (telephone associates with landline, and if you are a gamer you know that most of the time your cellphone is connected to a wire), tap- to tap, and adding ie just sounds cute. We like Cute.
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