Word of Prandis

PVP, MMORPG, Open World, Cute, Field auto grind
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  • Leveling through questing and dungeons.
  • PVP has multiple modes. Combat is action combat with interesting skills.
  • PVE is questing, and dungeons and various other events like raids etc.
  • auto is not very relevant in the game. There is no auto questing ot auto navigating, and in dungeons you have to do everything by yourself, however there is an auto button, which you can use on lower level mobs on afk time. Though the character doesn't move arround and doesn't use skills, so auto farming is not worth your phone battery since questing is much much faster.
  • Cash shop has quite a bit of stuff. Moderate p2w.
  • Endgame offers interesting PVP modes, Dungeons, Raids and events.
  • Overall it's one of the better mobile MMORPGs and it still has quite a good online.
About the game:

World of Prandis is a cute, open world mobile MMORPG released by Oryugengames in 2017. The game still has a big community and interesting gameplay will keep you engaged for a while. Finding a dungeon even at low levels is not a big problem since there are always players auto matching for it.


World of Prandis
Real MMORPG : Non Auto Play!
Enjoy MMORPG with users all over the world!

It is recommended for these people.
If you dislike mass production type automatic game.
If you like free games like PC MMORPG.
If you like to jump in the game.
If you like control to attack while moving
If you like PVP
If you like to study character and equipment settings
If you like games that have been updated for years
If you like to explore while flying in a vast world

The Priest class has been added.
It is a divine priesthood blessed by God. Heal wounded soldiers and protect friendly soldiers.

Faith Stance
Equip a One-Handed Cross and Holy Water, and heal the ally with God's blessing.

Repentance Stance
Equip a Two-Handed Cross and kill the enemy with the power of God.


Let's join with all the users from all over the world
(Supporting 20 languages)

Female VS Male, The Winner?
You become one of the two camps of Femina (Female) or Virr (Male).

You can fly freely in 100% open world that was not seen in the existing game.
If you are tired of mass-produced auto games, enjoy PC MMORPG on your mobile!

Auction house or 1: 1 trade is possible.

In the world, opponent camps and free field wars are possible.

Virr (male) VS Femina (female) You can choose 7 classes from 2 camps.
(Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Assassin, Mage, Warlock, Priest)

Various expertise such as collecting, mining, cooking, fishing, making, alchemy, and trading
Dungeon, Raid, Arena, Battlefield, Field Reid Boss, Coliseum, etc. are available.

Now, grow your own character and show off your strength!

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