Toram Online

MMORPG, Cute, Open World
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  • Easy to get into simple controls. The game is not based on auto questing.
  • PVP: doesn't exist.
  • PVE is dungeon based. It's interesting at higher levels, but too easy at lower levels.
  • auto is not a bit part of the game. There is almost none.
  • Cash shop is typical mobile MMORPG shop.
  • Endgame is guild events and more dungeons and outfit gathering.
  • Overall it's one of the older, better and more unique mobile MMORPGs. Also is hella cute.
About the game:

Toram Online is a mobile MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released by Asobimo Inc. The game is one of the older mobile MMORPGs with over 10 million downloads on playstore, and it shows. The towns even to now are still populated. The game has bunch of systems not present in other mobile MMORPGs which provides interesting gameplay.


★Popular RPG hitting 11 million downloads worldwide!

- Unrestricted character creations!

With more than 500 billion combinations available, feel free to create your own character to your liking!

- Sword? Magic? Anything you like!

"Profession", which is often the case with RPG, does not exist in Toram. Sword? (Magic) Staff? Bow? Halberd? Feel free to decide your own fighting style!

- Build & Train your character to your heart's content!

Equipped with a "Skill Tree" system enabling players to enhance and strengthen their characters as they wish.
Create combos and discover your own battle style!

- Changeable weapons and equipment color!

You can color your favorite weapon with the color you like when you obtain equipment with a "Color Info"!
Moreover, you can freely create the abilities of your equipment as you proceed further with the game...!

- Go on an adventure with your friends across the country!

RPG (MMORPG) that can be played and connects you with your friends online across the country!
The powerful monster that you fail to beat on your own could possibly be knocked down by forming a party with your friends! Let's explore the vast and beautiful 3D world with many friends!

- Party play even by yourself!

You can even enjoy party play when you are playing alone by borrowing and battling together with other player's character known as "mercenary" or by summoning a "partner" from your own sub-characters!

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