Summoners War

PVP, Gacha, Cute, Turn Based

  • The start of the game is insanely slow, and it never really gets better.
  • For PVP it has a arena against bots, and one against real players. However, if you wanna do the real battles you have to get a "Hive" account in addition to the one you already have.
  • PVE is just mobkilling in random dungeons, you can do this mostly afk in the beginning, but it gets progressively harder.
  • You can Auto all dungeons, you can auto the not-real-people arena, you can auto the actual pvp. Auto everything.
  • This game wants you to buy everything. It has a pack for everything you "need" to be able to compete with anyone. Heavy P2W.
  • Endgame is just grinding the same dungeons over and over, hoping for better stats on your gear.
  • Overall, the characters are cute, the style is cute. But this game is so P2W it's unplayable in PVP. Auto this game straight out of your life.
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