StoneAge World

PVP, MMORPG, RPG, Gacha, Cute
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  • Easy to get into, following auto quest line, and auto battling.
  • PVP: Haven't tried yet.
  • PVE mostly auto so far.
  • auto is a big part of the game.
  • Cash shop. don't know yet.
  • Endgame don't know yet either
  • Overall the game looks very cute and has a pokemon vibe to it.
About the game:

StoneAge World is a new mobile Pokemon-like MMORPG with Open-World but Instanced Combat. The game has a huge variety of cute pets and a heavy focus on social gameplay aswell as turn based PVP.


◈Embark on an adventure in StoneAge World!◈ Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world brimming with dinosaur pets! Gear up to capture rare prehistoric pets and head to Tectonika to stop the rise of the Machine Life!

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Experience a new open-world MMORPG. Gear up and capture rare prehistoric pets in the vast open world of Tectonika! In addition to collecting pets in the field, you can acquire other pets by hatching eggs. Dress up in your favorite costume for even more fun!

▶ A simple, touch-controlled strategic combat system. A fluid turn-based battle system that changes depending on your skill level. Train and progress your pets in unique ways to make them the strongest they can be! Collect weapons and utilize them strategically in challenging battles! Customize your battle formations and defeat your enemies!

▶ Take part in a prehistoric world with friends! Have fun riding the Manmo Bus, delivering Eggs, and more! Collect various "Life" rewards every day to progress your character and pets!

▶ Socialize with friends from around the world! When you’re done fighting, join your Tribe for a barbecue!

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