SoulWorker Zero

PVP, MMORPG, Instanced, Anime
star icon3.9

  • The game is lobby based. You have a hub in which you select quests and upgrade your character and then enter dungeons.
  • PVP has multiple arena modes. It's not bad though often it feels like things are just happening instead of you having control over it.
  • PVE is dungeon based and is really fun, though most of game is solo.
  • auto can clear dungeons for you.
  • Cash shop has gacha items and boosts.
  • Overall it's a very good looking game, but it feels empty. The game is blocked on Emulators.
About the game:

SoulWorker Zero is a mobile Instance based MMORPG with great anime graphics released by Aprogen Games. The game is a transition from PC title SoulWorker. The game is blocked on emulators, but controls doesn't feel good on mobile, however it is well optimised.


■ Various characters with luxury grapics
-Make your own character
-Gorgeous direction and dynamic motion!

■ Decorate your character with a variety of costumes!
-Time to wear costumes that fit on your character and appeal to everyone!

■ Only one person who holds up to the end is rewarded! “Survival Mode”
-Achieve the highest score within the time limit!
-Join "Survival Mode" everyday and get a costume reward set

■ Fight only by your control "PvP mode"
-Win various competitions to earn various rewards!

■ Join forces with your team to eliminate the boss! “Raid”
-Find 3 users and make a party to defeat the boss!

■ Remove the World Boss with all users! “World Boss”
-Eliminate World Boss and earn rewards within the time limit

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