Naica Online

PVP, MMORPG, Open World
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naica online gameplay

  • Leveling through through questing and hunting.
  • PVP is arena based, though even though there is quite a bit of population, people don't register for it.
  • PVE is quests and monster killing.
  • auto doesn't exist in the game.
  • Overall it's an interesting mobile MMOPRG, but it has quite a big of interface glitches that can get you annoyed.
About the game:

Naica online is a 2D mobile MMORPG released by Naica Online. The game is one of the more interesting 2D MMORPGs.


This is a closed Alpha version of Naïca (2D MMORPG). If you do not have an Alpha access you can still try Naïca in Guest mode!

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Naïca is a 2D MMORPG in pixel art with a lot of customization! Create the character you want and start your adventure!

Among Vulpians, Cerbalis, Denelites, Ophimanders and Azralians, which race will you choose?

Naïca offers extremely detailed graphics and animations in pixel art for a 2D MMORPG. You just have to enjoy it on your smartphone!

Explore unique dungeons, each one of them with their own design and quests and loot exclusive gear!

Each piece of armor you change on your character will be instantly visible! Are you ready to shine on the crystal-world of this 2D MMORPG?

Unlock and equip the talents you want, without any class limitations!

Fight other players in PvP arenas to earn Honor and buy new gear!

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