MU Origin 2

PVP, MMORPG, RPG, Field Auto Grind, Open World
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  • Leveling through auto questing
  • PVP is bot arena based or guild war.
  • PVE is auto dungeon and auto field grind based
  • Game plays itself
  • Cash shop is a big part of the game
  • Overall the game is just another mobile mmorpg cashgrab
About the game:

MU Origin 2 - New Class Update!

Magic Gladiator - New Class released! What will your Magic Gladiator use - staff or sword? Unleash spells or cut through enemies!
Couple Dungeon - Looking for a special place for your couple? Enter the Couple Dungeon to get materials to enhance your Wedding Ring!
Abyss Castle Siege - Lead your Guild to victory! Compete against other Lords of Loren for the possession of the Abyss Castle!
Abyss Arena - The Abyss Arena has opened. Fight through more powerful enemies to become the Abyss Arena King!
Awaken Skill - Maxed out on your skills? Awaken your skills for extra properties and damage boosts!
Awaken Mount - Awaken your Mount and enhance your Effigies. Enhance your defenses to prepare for upcoming battles!
Couple Skills - Activate special Couple Skills that will make your bond stronger!

MU Origin 2
- Choose from Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf to start your journey.
- Form parties to conquer dungeons, Join a Guild to gather around and solve quizzes together.
- Equip jewels into item slots to make it stronger than before.
- Get you a Guardian Pet that tags along your journey, and attacks the enemy with you.
- To travel a long distance, grab a mount.
- Battle team vs team in the Harmatium or battle 1 vs 1 in the Arena. Or maybe both.
- And much more daily dungeons and field quests are waiting for you!

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MU ORIGIN 2 requires access to the following data to start the game.
- Your device storage may be checked in order to install updates or fix bugs.

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