Mech Wars

PVP, MOBA, Shooter
star icon3.8

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  • Early game doesn't feel great. Controls are hard
  • PVP is arena based. Game doesn't seperate PC players from mobile players, So if you meet a PC player, it is a very one sided fight
  • auto aiming is too little for a mobile game. Aiming while moving on phone feels extreemely hard, while on PC it's too easy
  • Cash shop unlocks more robots, but you can also obtain them for free
About the game:

Mech Wars is a multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time!

Create your robot army with robot weapon combinations to fit your game style and join to battles. Capture the enemy base or destroy all rivals.

Main Features:
- Light, medium and heavy robots with different strengths and abilities.
- Many weapons with different types.(Laser, energy, missiles etc.)
- Game Modes : Skirmish, Assault
- Stunning Graphics.

The future will be war of robots and mechs. You can also take your place

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