Lineage 2 M

PVP, MMORPG, RPG, Open World, Field Auto Grind
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    The game is currently only out in Korea and is playable only in korean language
  • Leveling Through auto grinding
  • Game is Open PVP
  • PVE is fiel auto grind
  • The entire game is auto
  • You can buy everything with cash
  • Endgame has lot of world events aswell as guild action
  • Overall the game is completely auto, but it's the good auto. But it is very slow
About the game:

Lineage 2M is a mobile MMORPG based on popular PC title Lineage 2. The game pve system is mostly field afk farming but it also has a heavy focus on PVP, Sieges and Clans, while also introduces interesting class system in which you transfer class at any time you want. Classes work like characters in the game and you can try whatever you have unlocked. Open PVP can get you killed anytime anywhere. The game is coming to both mobile and PC via NcSofts new emulator "purple" that we tried, and it proved to be working really well.

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