Land of Doran

PVP, MMORPG, Open World, Field Auto Grind
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  • Leveling through auto questing.
  • PVP has multiple modes, but the game is not very populated so it's hard to find any.
  • PVE is mostly auto dungeons/ field pve.
  • auto is a big part of the game.
  • Cash shop has everything and many annoying pop-ups.
  • Overall it's a typical mobile MMORPG with absolute auto play, boring combat, and huge pay to win.
About the game:

Land of Doran is a mobile MMORPG released by TurinGame. The game doesn't introduce anything new and plays like average cheap mobile MMORPG.


Land of Doran, a massively multiplayer online, role-playing set in a fantasy open-world. Enter the epic conflict between darkness and light and fight to control the fate of Land of Doran. With a fantastic and addictive gameplay, and excellent visuals make the game awesome and amazing to play and enjoy.

▶Pre-register Gift Code: dnyyy543
▶ Login the game, click【Welfare】, type the code:dnyyy543 claim it, you will get mount: Alaska.

★★★Land of Doran Gameplay★★★
▶ 3 various character categories: Warrior, Mage, and Archer, each of these three Classes has its own set of unique skills and abilities.
▶ Cross-server battles: fight players in and around your server to dominate the Land of Doran.
▶ Realm of Gods: transform yourself from a fledging warrior to an unstoppable God!
▶ Boss battles: challenge epic world bosses

【Key Features】
▶ Stunning Visuals
Immerse yourself in beautifully 3D graphics, grand battlefields, and a breathtaking fantasy world. Highly detailed characters and fluid animations keep the combat fast and furious.

▶ Endless Customization
Hundreds of Items and Equipment provides unrivaled character customization. Unlock legendary Wrathwings and watch them transform in battle to grant devastating power.

▶ Free Trade Market
Large scale boss fights, random item drops, free trades with no limit.

▶ Real-Time Massive Battles
Battle other players in thrilling real-time, open-field PvP battles. Unleash your skills and claim awesome rewards in PvE battles and boss fights. Defend the honor of your Guild in glorious Guild Wars.

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