Jump Arena

PVP, Racing, Cute
star icon4.1

jump arena promotional

jump arena promotional

  • Vertical jumping racing game
  • in this game your job is only to tap and land on good tiles to get boosts and combos to beat your opponent
  • Cash shop is boosts for upgrading. All characters are unlocked from the start
  • Overall it's a very cute-looking casual racing game (no cars involved)
About the game:

Jump Arena is a multiplayer online racing game released by Neowiz. In this game you tap to race upwards while using powerups.


▶ Together with Friends! Loved ones! and Family! ◀
A friendly battle with Control simply by tapping!
Enjoy a jump battle with Friends, Loved ones, and Family!

▶ Real-time matching with players all over the world! ◀
Compete in thrilling Jump Battles, in maps like Sky Town to SkyCastle,
with players from all over the world!
From beginners to professionals! Your match awaits to battle with you!

▶ Simple controls and vibrant skills! ◀
Control simply by tapping!
Gain Combo points with Cute and lovable characters
to unleash powerful, vibrant skills automatically! Bam!

▶ Your characters grow and become stronger! ◀
Challenge opponents with better characters
by upgrading them!

When you reach Max Level,
Character skins and accessories will be given as a gift!

▶ Magical Accessories! ◀
Equip Accessories!
Magically enchanted to help you win.
A variety of necklaces and rings,
Find the best combination and challenge your opponents!

▶ Chests full of rewards! ◀
Obtain rewards from various chests with different ratings!
You can obtain Gold, Diamonds and even Accessories!
Go get your Mythical Chest! Go! Go! Go!

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