Infinity Conflict

PVP, RPG, Instanced, Gacha
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Infinity Conflict promotional

  • Easy to get into Instanced based RPG. with unlockable content and many many waifus.
  • Game seems to be focusing on story and 1v1 pvp.
  • PVE is story dungeons.
  • Overall it's a beautifull looking game with interesting combat
About the game:

Infinity Conflict is a new Chinese mobile multiplayer anime action RPG with stunning visuals and great combat. There is no confirmed release date for western version, but hopefully a game this gorgeus will make it to our market too.

In this game you are progressivelly given different characters to progress through story. All of the characters have a rather unique combat and are interesting to play (and great to look at).

You don't need VPN to try this one. Just download APK from and install it.

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