Goddess of Genesis

RPG, Instanced, Gacha
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Goddess Of Genesis promotional

    Description: The game is currently only available in SEA but you can playable in english with japanese voice acting.
  • Easy to get into standart gacha RPG game style.
  • PVE is story driven. Story is interesting.
  • auto is there and grinds for you, but not from the start.
  • Overall even though the game doesn't differ much from other gacha Rpgs, it seems to have a bit richer story and cuter characters than the usual.
About the game:

Goddess of Genesis is a mobile, anime RPG with gacha mechanics released by ZlonGames that are responsible for releasing some good titles for mobile. The game is story driven with interesting story and great voice acting.

In this game you have to manage multiple characters at once and strategise which skills to use when, and which ones you can combine.

If you want to try the game just download the apk from tap or apk pure and install it. No VPN needed.

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