Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

RPG, Cute, Instanced, Gacha
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  • Early game has some tutorials, but they go by quick and some of them you're allowed to skip.
  • PVP is Arena based against a bot.
  • The PVE is all dungeon grinding, whether it's for runes, money or crystals, dungeons only.
  • You can auto most of it, and it's highly recommended, as you'll spend a lot of time getting the right stuff for your dragons.
  • Cash shop is just boosts and stuff you can get by grinding, all obtainable by grind.
  • Endgame is just dungeons, again. Doing the daily quests, getting all your rewards.
  • Overall, for a person who likes cute-looking dragons and characters(or people who are just genuinely bored), this game is teriffic.
About the game:

Dragon RPG Dragon Village is a mobile Gacha RPG released by highbrow. The game doesn't introduce anything new to the Gacha RPG genre apart from cute dragons. So if you are into that kind of thing, dig in.


Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M is a dragon collection RPG game packed with unique, colorful dragons to collect, upgrade, and battle as you venture out on your journey to save the world!

- Add beautiful dragons to your collection!
- Level up, Evolve, and become best friends with beautiful dragons!
- Dynamic 2D animations!

- Strategic fun with deck building, Tap & Drag style battle, and awesome rewards!
- Feel right at home in Clan by chatting and sharing tips with other players, and fight your way up to get to the top!
- Develop your own strategy and team up with your friends' dragons!

- Adventure: Embark on a journey full of exciting adventures and explore the world of the dragon tamers
- Dungeon: Clear dungeons and collect materials to strengthen your dragons
- Competition: Compete in both PvE and PvP with your strongest dragons
- Community: Get help, tips, and even borrow dragons from friends, strangers, and fellow clan members!

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