Darkness Rises

PVP, MMORPG, Instanced
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  • The game is Instanced. There is no hub to meet other players. All choices are done from menu. Leveling through clearing dungeons
  • PVP is very good. There is 1v1 arena and guild wars to experience
  • PVE is dungeon grind
  • auto is there, but useless in harder combat. Good for grind
  • Cash shop is a big part of the game
  • Endgame is dungeon grind and guild wars
  • Overall it's a great game for those who don't mind non open world games
About the game:

Darkness Rise is a mobile MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released by Nexon Company. This might be the best attempt by Nexon on mobile market. Even though the game has Instanced world (everything is accessible from main menu instead of running arround open world), the game has other great qualities to compensate with, one of them being, the combat. After playing it for a bit, i liked the game a lot, but i am one of those who need open world. If you don't mind instanced, this game is a really good one to try.


Darkness Rises is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

Darkness spreads across the land, bringing with it a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. An epic fantasy RPG awaits - the path will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend into hell itself to destroy this evil before it ravages our world.

Legendary heroes are at your beck and call, from the earth-shattering Berserker to the magic-wielding Wizard. Character customization lets you choose from a number of classes that fits your playstyle and design your character as you see fit.

Hack and slash through fearsome monsters with a flurry of powerful skills. Enter the PvP arena and unleash your might against other players. This Epic roleplaying games pits you against demons and worse– can you rise to the challenge?

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you. Download now.

Key Features:

• Hack and slash your way through demons and hordes of monsters
• Single player RPG mode lets you face the demonic horde on your own
• Explore the various levels of dark dungeons

• This Roleplaying games with challenging boss battles that will put your skills to the test
• PvE battles grow more intense as you venture deeper into the abyss

• Enjoy epic visuals that will truly immerse you into the world of Darkness Rises
• Fantasy RPG gameplay mechanics - use the Soul Link ability to seize control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves
• Take legendary heroes on dungeon raids - gather your allies to explore menacing dungeons and discover rare loot
• Join a guild and form a party of warriors

• The Character creator lets you build your character from the ground up
• Warrior, Wizard, Assassin or Berserker – choose your class and descend into darkness

Level up in this adventure RPG and face the forces of darkness with your party. Download Darkness Rises today for a free RPG experience like no other!

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