Curse of Aros

MMORPG, Open World
star icon3.7

curse of aros promotional

  • A classic style 2D MMORPG
  • PVE is a very simplistic RPG progression
  • auto doesn't exist in this game
  • Overall it's a very fun game if you like the old RPG games
About the game:

Curse of Aros is a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released by Bitgate Inc. The game feels like the most classical RPG game in which you don't have the modern auto questing and auto farming gameplay. You pick up your sword, get your armor and into the woods!.
Game is great for anyone who wants to play something different from the modern MMORPG game.


Fight, harvest, discover - experience endless fun in this exciting MMORPG!

Curse of Aros is an exciting online RPG where you can fight monsters, discover and use items, battle other players and steal their gold, or simply chat with the community in real-time.

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