PVP, MOBA, Cute, Battle Royale
star icon3.9

BarbarQ promotional

  • Easy to get into
  • PVP is an IO type arena. You play in teams of 3
  • Cash shop has more weapon unlocks, but everything is obtainable for free
  • Overall it's a very fun IO game that you can also play with friends
About the game:

BarbarQ is an IO game released by Electronic Soul.

The game has a rather unique take on genre mixing elements of MOBA and IO into it. In this game you play in teams of 3 and for each kill you grow in strength, however if you get killed you lose all your power. If one of your teammates is still alive you are able to respawn so in order to defeat enemy you have to kill their entire team.

BarbarQ is a great mobile game to play with friends when you don't want to waste too much time since matches last up to 5 minutes.

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