AXE: Alliance VS Empire

PVP, MMORPG, RPG, Field Auto Grind, Open World

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  • Leveling through auto questing
  • PVP is faction based and a "combat power" show off. no skill required. Plenty of PVP modes though
  • PVE is mostly auto
  • auto is severe in this game. Doing PVP on auto actually gives better results than trying to manually handle it
  • Cash shop has a lot of growth bundles. The gap between free to play and pay to win is big.
  • Overall it's a game to look at and not a game to play. (loli mage is awesome)
About the game:

AXE: Alliance vs Empire is a mobile MMORPG released by NEXON company. The game has beautifull fantasy graphics, Open-World, Field PVP and more.

In this game you gather items to increase your combat power and level. The game mostly consists of auto questing and field auto farming, which has PVP.

Initially i liked the game a lot, but after playing it for a bit i realised that PVP entirely relies on your combat power, and nothing else matter.

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