AWP Mode

PVP, Shooter
star icon4.1

 awp mode promotional

  • Everyone is a sniper in this game
  • auto aiming is strong and it helps you but the game doesn't seperate PC players from mobile so fights can feel one-sided
  • Overall it's a fun game that has interesting and fun maps. Recommended
About the game:

AWP Mode is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game in which you are only allowed to use AWP (Arctic Warfare Police, Weapon from CS:GO based on Arctic Warfare Magnum Nato sniper rifle)

In this game the reaction and aim is crucial. Even though you have quite a bit of autoaiming it is still rather difficult and sadly if you are facing an opponent who is playing this game on PC you will be beaten on sidedly.

The game has interesting sureal and real maps that as well as other modifications that will provide an interesting and more fun gameplay, at least for a while.

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