Awakening of Heroes

star icon3.2

awakening of heroes promotional

  • Easy to get into
  • PVP feels more like flash game than MOBA
  • Cash shop has boosts to characters that help in battle aswell as characters. Everything is obtainable for free
  • Overall the game feels like a browser game. the controls are weird, the map size is out of place, the damage also doesn't make much sense. it's too fast, and too little depends on a player
About the game:

Awakening of Heroes is a rather bad MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) released by COFA games, though being fair it's their first game.

The game mostly plays like a classical MOBA but has it's own unique touch to it where it tries to simplify it and hasten it as much as possible. For some this could be a nice way to learn about MOBA, but also could ruin the experience entirelly since it misses out on most of the strategic MOBA parts.

Average match length is arround 5-10min

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