Avabel Online

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  • Easy to get into with simple controls ,but no auto questing.
  • PVP is 1v1 arena and is rather difficult to master
  • PVE is dungeon and quest based.
  • auto is not a bit part of the game. There is almost none.
  • Cash shop is standart mobile MMORPG.
  • Endgame is arena and guild events and outfit gathering.
  • Overall it's one of the older mobile MMORPG titles and one of the better ones that still has quite a decent sized community.
About the game:

Avabel Online is a mobile MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released by Asobimo in 2013 and at this point has over 10 million downloads with still living community.


――You are the hero in this story
Fight to be the ultimate in the world of AVABEL Online!
Action-packed battles with amazing skills with simple control is waiting for you to join.

Battle against the users all around the world!
Heated online battles include, PvP(Player vs Player), GvG (Guild vs Guild) and "Tower Scramble" that maximum of 1000 players battle against each other!――
Also you can have Battle Royale mode with "AVABEL SUPER FIGHT!!"

Play it with your friends! Many multi-player contents
Coop with your friends to go against the strong enemy.
Experience strong bonding with your friends for Party and Guild, only in MMORPG.
You can find your friends in the virtual world as well!

"Main Tower" that pierces through the sky
The world of sword and magic.
With the "Tower" that suddenly appeared, many adventurers have naturally gathered and developed as a country.
You can be rich and famous, if you risk your life to challenge the tower.
It is told that,
―If you reach to the top, any wish can come true―
but no one still has reached to the top.

Grassland, Snowland, Desert...different worlds are layered, reach to the top by visiting various realms.

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