Aurcus Online

PVP, MMORPG, Open World
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  • Leveling through questing and dungeon grinding.
  • PVP is arena based with action combat. Game also has Open World PVP.
  • PVE is dungeon based and is not bad because it's not auto.
  • auto doesn't exist in the game.
  • Overall it's a decent mobile japanese MMORPG with interesting classess and PVP.
About the game:

Aurcus Online is a mobile MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released by Asobimo in 2015. Even though the game is rather old it still has a pretty livelly community, like most of Asobimo games. The game doesn't have auto questing or auto navigating. The game is not bad, though it didin't age well.


◇◆Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMO RPG) for smartphones "Aurcus Online"◆◇
Action RPG you can enjoy Online on your smart device is right here!

◆Simple yet deep combat system
Simple tap to release Skill plus the non-targeting system brings freedom to combats.
Combine the easy-to-control strikes and various Skills to finish the enemies in aerial combos!
Experience the stimulation taking full control of your character, and the exciting realistic action combats!

◆Enjoy the PvP (Player VS Player) with your friends
Arena feature where you fight against one another is available.
It sure will be exciting to battle with the character you have trained!
Communicating with your friends using the Chat or Emotion feature will make the tactics even wider!

◆World of adventure with infinite possibility
New fields, jobs, etc. will be added from updates. The world of adventure will expand, and will not end!


Levaria, the land protected by the spirits.
Countries have fought with swords and magic for hundreds of years for their order and independence.

A few years ago, the advent of the Dark Force brought further chaos to the world.
Nations were perished overnight and many towns were invaded.
Not only monsters getting wild in various places but also the ancient beast is about to awake by the dark power of death.

To cope with the Dark Force, the alliance of the countries was inevitable.
However, the common enemy was not enough to wash away the grudges from the past.

The Galleria Kingdom proposed the founding of cooperative organization, and the conclusion of "Blood Oath".
That is an ancient spell that cannot be discarded even by the destruction of the world.

Thus, in the midst of the emergence of the Dark Force and the discord of the countries,
a stateless organization- Sword of Aurcus was born.

People start to gather to join the organization.
And you are just one of them right now...

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