Armored God

PVP, MMORPG, RPG, Field Auto Grind, Open World

  • The game rushes you through the beginning, until you're about level 100. You'll have no idea what's happening, but you'll be fine with it, mostly.
  • Armored God has arena PVP, as well as field PVP in the sense that you can switch to "agressive" to kill people instead of the boss, so you get all the loot.
  • PVE is very mediocre. You have some quests you do, some dailies, where you just stand in a field for 10 minutes and kill mobs(on auto, fortunately)
  • The Auto in this game is very recommended, as you need it for leveling. As far as I could tell, it had no exp limit, so you could grind levels all day, while not even being present!
  • Game is very P2W, you can buy anything it seems. But if you join a server day one, you'll have a couple of day where you can be somewhere near the top!
  • Overall, this is a game you play if you're really bored, or if you're just the type who likes field auto grind and casual murder for boss-loot.
About the game:

Armored god is a mobile MMORPG released by EFUN Company Limited. The game has over 1 million downloads on play store and always manages to keep the high rating, though we absolutelly don't agree with this one.

Armored God is a very typical mobile MMORPG in which you, well, auto everything. The game plays exactly as EYOU games in which you leave the game to autoplay itself for days, and after that you progress through killing bosses and more auto while seeing your numbers grow in millions. The sad thing about the game is, that even if it has over 1 million downlads, you barelly meet any people.

One good thing about this mobile MMO is the artstyle. There is plenty to look at, but that's about it.

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