PVP, Shooter
star icon4.1

Armajet promotional

  • Easy to get into, but very difficult controls
  • multiple PVP modes. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, etc
  • Cash shop unlocks more weapons and skills
  • Overall it's a very fun 2D Shooter that you can play casually with friends, but also can be played for a long time.
About the game:

Armajet is a 2D Team shooter released by Super Bit Machine. The game is definetly a unique experience on mobile also alowing you to play it with friends.

If you have never played anything similar to this game it might be rather difficult since not only you have to move horizontally and diagonaly at the same time, but you also have to aim and shoot with the right joystick making it rather difficult. The game also has bunch of different weapons and abilities which allow you to customise your playstyle accordingly to your playstyle.

Armajet is definetly one of the more interesting games on mobile and definetly a must try for competetive players.

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