Arena of Valor

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  • Early game is not very newbie-friendly. Right after the tutorial you get matched with people who know exactly what they are doing. The match is over before you even realise what your first ability does
  • PVP controls feel responsive, sound design compliments it
  • Cash shop unlocks heroes faster and has cosmetics. Game is free to play
  • Overall it's another good MOBA that doesn't introduce anything new
About the game:

Arena of Valor is mobile MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) game released by Tencent Games.

In this game you play in a match of 5 vs 5. Your goal is to destroy opponents base while simultaneosly defending from them.

Your purpose in the game is trying to strengthen you character by killing monsters in lanes and not being killed by enemy heroes which rewards you gold and experience that you can spend to get skills and equipment crucial to winning th2e battle.

The game doesn't differ from any other MOBA at all, but it is high quality.

One round is aprox 10-15 min

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