Arcane Legends

PVP, MMORPG, Instanced
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  • leveling through quests and completing the content.
  • PVP is 3vs3 arena though at this point the game is not very populated so finding action is difficult.
  • PVE is a storyline questing.
  • auto doesn't exist.
  • Cash shop has quite a bit of stuff.
  • Overall it's one of the older mobile MMORPGs and it is good for it's time, but it is too old.
About the game:

Arcane Legends is a mobile MMORPG released by Spacetime Studios released in 2012. The game hasn't aged well but is still worth experiencing due to it's interesting combat and progression.


Arcane Legends is the best fantasy action RPG and MMORPG game on mobile, perfect for both tablets and phones! Adventure through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses, find loot, join guilds and collect pets. Explore a breathtaking 3D world with friends in this massive award-winning game from Spacetime Studios. Build your character and quest alongside thousands of other players online and synchronously in real time. Your quests will take you and your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons as you fight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting to destroy the kingdom of Arlor.

***** "10 best games for Smartphones" – Kotaku
***** "A Hack & Slash Home Run" – Forbes
***** "Best of the Best" – MMORPG
***** "One of the most impressive games we've seen in a long time" – Pocket Gamer
***** "One of the best mobile MMORPG experiences you can find" - Touch Gen

Epic events every week means there's always new things to do and new ways to play!

+ Three different classes, dozens of skills, and thousands of items to customize your hero.
+ Collect and grow mystical pets that help you on quests.
+ Loot thousands of legendary weapons and items.
+ Play co-op with other heroes in the PvE campaign.
+ Get competitive in three PvP modes: capture the flag, deathmatch, and duels!

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