Teletappie new mobile autochess with a unique duo mode where 2 players share the same board

AOE: Red Tides

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AOE red tides promotional

  • 8 player or 16 player duo auto chess game. Last man standing wins
  • Cash shop has cosmetics
  • Unique thing about this game is that in Duo mode you share your board with another player, which is awesome for people who want to play with their friends. Other than that game has many flaws.
About the game:

AOE (Arena of Evolution): Red Tides is an mobile multiplayer online PVP auto-chess game released by PixDance. This game has a unique duo mode in which you share a board with your teammate making it the perfect auto chess game for people who like to play with friends.

In the game you have to quickly select pieces which will fight for you as the round starts and afterwards you have to upgrade it.

Each game consists of 8 players (if solo) or 16 players (duo) fighting waves of monsters and between themselves. Last man standing wins.

Solo round is aprox 10 min. while duo is arround 15-20

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