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7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Anime, Turn Based, Gacha, RPG, PVP

  • Early game has some tutorials, most of which you get through fast and without problem. Lots of menus, but easy to understand.
  • PVP is only arena based. But for what it is, it's actually a really nice, turn-based experience.
  • PVE is very story based, you go through the anime storyline, but there's also a lot of side quests. As well as a dungeon where you can invite your friends to fight a boss with you!
  • Auto is really nice to have for the grinding stuff, but otherwise not really necessary. Some of the quests and bosses definitely need you to not be auto.
  • The game has some P2W (you can buy a pretty decent hero for 40€), but I honestly havent felt much of it. Anything you buy can be earned, buying just makes it faster.
  • Overall, it's a very enjoyable game. If you like 7DS, or have found yourself thinking "Man, i wanna watch that, but don't wanna sit down and watch it..", this is the game for you!
About the game:

7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a new mobile RPG game based on a anime series with the same name. The game does justice to the story and also gives a new wway of experiencing it for fans. If you are new to the game it will be especially good since the story of this one is great.

The game has been released by Netmarble and has over 5 million downloads at play store already which proves it is worth a try.

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