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About "Gamelist"

What is this gamelist?

Once you look arround the internet you will quickly realise that there are no websites that would focus on mobile mmorpgs listing. Instead they try to promote and sell as many as they can. here though, you can find all new mobile MMORPG and all new mobile MMO, and all new mobile Multiplayer Online games for a small price of your time.

How do you rate all mobile mmo, and mmorpg games?

We try the game out, make sure it has multiplayer , and then proceed to rank it according to these criteria.
  • Gameplay. How enjoyable is general gameplay, how much it can offer, how much time and how much interest it can keep.
  • graphical design. The rating is less about technology and more about the artstyle of the game design.
  • Combat. What kind of combat it is, and rate how good it is. We do not compare different genres together, instead we compare best of the same genre.
  • originality. How original the game is. is it original? is it original in it's own genre? is it original on mobile? or is it a copy from other mobile mmorpg.
  • sound design. How well the sound is made, that includes both without earphones and with headphones.
  • p2w. How much does it ask you to pay, how much can you achieve while paying and how much can you obtain by playing for free.
  • controls. How well the controls work for mobile. If it plays better on emulator, we give it a big no. We think mobile games should utilize the prospects of mobile phones.
  • ui/overview. How well the UI and overview is done, if it doesn't get in your way, if it's tappable easily, or if it's overcrowded?
  • bugs/glitches. How many bugs and glitches we encounter while trying the game.
After this we find out google play rank and make an average of both ours and theirs. This way we do not go over the majority but still are able to beat the unfair rankings.
We think our rating system is fair for everyone and it doesn't care about costs or profits, it only cares to deliver the best suggestion to you.

so what about this mobile mmorpg gamelist?

here you can sort mobile mmo and mobile mmorpg and other games by rank, find newest games and view them by genre and tags. You can select new mobile mmorpg, RTs cute games and so much more.
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