Top 10 mobile MMORPG to waste your summer break on.

Finally the summer break is starting again. But with all the heat and often responsibilities, even while having more time it's hard to stay home and enjoy the usual gaming routine. We feel the same way, and because of that we made this new mobile MMORPG list which will help you find a game in which you can sink your free time.

With that said, let's scroll!

10. Curse of Aros

Curse Of Aros logo
Curse Of Aros promotionalCurse Of Aros promotional

Even though Curse of Aros is not the most attractive looking MMORPG on this list, it definitely has its own charm in its simplicity and classical MMORPG characteristics. You start in a town where all the players gather, you take the quest from a tavern and then off you go swinging your wooden sword while wearing leather armor. The further into the woods you go, the stronger monsters you meet and the better gear you acquire and so on.

There are no classes in Curse of Aros but this game offers something else instead of a modern MMORPG feeling. It offers the essence of MMORPG.
If you are looking for a game that wouldn't need you to commit too hard, but also wouldn't play itself since this game doesn't have auto play, this 2D MMO is definetly a good pick.

9. Aura Kingdom 2

Aura Kingdom 2 M logo
Mapplestory M promotionalMapplestory M promotional

Aura Kingdom 2 is a newest release on this list. Released on april 2020 Aura Kingdom 2 offers a huge consistant open-world in which you can fly around freely. The game has beautiful graphics, interesting skill combinations and Eidolons (which is like a AI companion) system. The game has a variety of events and dungeons to keep you engaged for a while, but for the most part everything is done on auto. I didn't stick with the game for too long because there wasn't much of need for me to be there, but if you like beautiful games, this one is candy for the eyes.

8. Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala logoUlala promotionalUlala promotional

Every since I discovered this idle MMORPG mix I couldn't stop recommending it to everyone everywhere. In Ulala you pick a class and you start running. And once you start running you never stop running. You form a team with other players and progress through hunting season and later on through hero hill and other content. The game is Idle in a sense that all you have to do is setup you character for the most efficient hunting and select pets/skills to be able to beat bosses. The game has lots of content including PVP arena, Guild Wars, Hero Hill and other events that they often introduce. The amount of pets and the importance of them is also a very interesting part of the game.

Ulala is definitely one of the best games to pick when you don't have time to sit there all day micromanaging your character, but still want the grind mmorpg experience.

7. Eternal Sowrd M

Eternal Sword M logo
Eternal Sword M promotionalEternal Sword M  promotional

While I got the opportunity and was beta testing another Neocrafts game (which is not yet released), they announced that Eternal Sword M is going to be released on march 2020 which left me skeptical thinking that they won't be able to release a decent mobile MMORPG while making 2 other games at the same time, however I was wrong.

Eternal Sword M is a sci-fi fantasy mobile MMORPG with interesting classes and great combat which was left unnoticed due to not having excessive marketing like other mobile MMORPGs get. The combat in game felt great, the PVE was interesting, the only lack I felt was the lack of players running arround. The game now has over 1 million downloads in play store so that issue might not be present anymore which makes me want to go back to it and play again.

Apart from having great combat and overall feeling, the game has a rather unique visual look. Personally I think from all the new mobile MMORPGs that have been released recently, Eternal Sword M is the only one worth investing time in.

6. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile logo
Black Desert Mobile promotionalWorld Of Drago nNest  promotional

Black Desert M is undeniably the most graphically advanced game on this list, and probably in the current market. The PC version of the game was a huge success worldwide and the expectations for mobile was huge. However, like it always goes, the expectations never match what is given, especially when they are this high. Hoping for a unique mobile MMORPG experience in which players could play similarly as on PC, most ended up being disappointed since the game introduced all too well known concepts like field auto grinding, daily auto questing and the rest.

However, ignoring the expectations, the game has so much to offer nonetheless. Once you start playing you are not immediately thrown into auto play, instead you have to beat your way up manually, which shows that the combat is pretty nice. There is a lot of variations to it, and all of it feels really good, at least for a while. Later on the game gets back on its intended rails and all you do is auto grind in field, while most of your work is making the builds efficient, and well, buying the right things from cash shop.

I wouldn't say that BDOM is the best pick if you want to spend lots of time in it, but it still is a very satisfying experience to try for a while.

5. Lumia Saga

LumiaSaga logo
Lumia Saga promotionalLumia Saga promotional

in our opinion Lumia Saga is the cutest mobile MMORPG to exist right now. From character creation, to items, monsters and surroundings, everything in lumia is simply cute. But is it only cute? god no. Lumia Saga has so much more to offer than its cuteness.

Starting with rather unique classes, this chibi MMO proceeds with difficult dungeons that will require you to gather good team members and also make the right team composition to beat them, since Lumia Saga uses the traditional Tank+Healer combination.
Apart from difficult dungeons Lumia offers difficult field boss events, challenging quests, and most importantly, engaging PVP.

You can tell that the game is focused on PVP simply by how well executed it is. It takes ping into consideration and covers it with all the wobbly animations which for a user doesn't seem abnormal, and instead feel really smooth. The game offers ranked 3v3 arena, 15 vs 15 battlegrounds and more. You can switch between one of the two builds(more like classes) and that way combine yourself into the most efficient team.

Personal note, you have to try the hammer. It's amazing.

4. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja logo
Dragon Raja promotionalDragon Raja promotional

When it comes to having it all, Dragon Raja does it. The sheer amount of content in the game is enormous, the graphics are breathtaking, the combat is one of the best on mobile, the customisation, the uniqueness, everything is there. The PVP is also engaging, and not just mindless button mashing. Plenty of combos to customise your character and find a playstyle that suits you best. So if it's so great, why is it not in the first place? well, the answer is simple.

While Dragon Raja has everything you would want from MMO, in the end it's just another great mobile MMORPG that tries to be as good as PC MMORPGs. Initially I played Dragon Raja on my phone, but soon I swapped to PC with emulator, and that was just so much more comfortable. On PC everything works like it would work on PC while on mobile turning that camera around can become annoying. So if you are looking for a truly great mobile MMO, this one is still not for you.
Nonetheless, if you have tried multiple MMOs on mobile, you should give this one a try, since there is weeks of unique content alone.

3. Dawn of Isles

Light Of Thel logo
Dawn Of Isles promotionalDawn Of Isles  promotional

When I started Dawn of Isles I immediately got disappointed by how limited the character creation was and started off the game with a bad impression only to have it fixed by everything else the game had to offer. And it does have to offer, really, everything. It is mobile, it has great combat in both dungeons and PVP, it has sandbox Island in which you craft, expand, farm and to the rest of farmville things, the guild events are interesting, the weekly events are interesting all the while visually the game looks adorable.

Me and Amano decided to play this one and we had difficulties gathering up together and doing things because there was a lot of things she wanted to do, and a lot of things I wanted to do which didn't intersect with each other, which made me think that this is probably the only mobile MMORPG that has something for everyone, and it definitely plays great on mobile without burning your phone down quickly.

2. Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers Of Oblivion logo
Rangers Of Oblivion promotionalRangers Of Oblivion promotional

Rangers of Oblivion is a Monster Hunter-like MMORPG in medieval setting. I am not a huge fan of monster hunter games, so it took me a while to try this one out, and boy oh boy was I surprised..

Right from the start you have a great character creation allowing you to make pretty much any character you want. Right after that you are greeted with an animated story with great voice acting and quickly introduced into combat, which definitely has a unique feel for mobile MMO.

The boss mechanics are engaging and challenging, the combat itself is plenty difficult and requires you to be sharp, and character progression lets you improvise a lot.

tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

I have to confess that I was one of those guys who made Geralddddd simply because I liked how it made my character look. With archer I had to always keep in a certain range to maximize the damage, which sometimes ended up being even too difficult and I really liked it. I wanted to skip the story to defeat more bosses, but I was also interested in story so I couldn't skip it.

The only flaws in the game is the fact that it doesn't have PVP and that it is instanced, since for a lot of you MMORPG lovers, including me, that's a must. But if you don't care about Open-World and instead want a good RPG, this one is a really good pick.

1. Tales of Wind

WorldOfDragonNest logo
tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

I first discovered Tales of Wind when it got released as Laplace M in SEA region. At that time the game quickly got me into it, and I loved it from the start, however after playing it for a while due to difference in time zone I ended up quitting, and later when I found it got released as Tales of Wind in west, I immediately went to play it again. I picked US region since at the time that time zone was more convenient for me, and later on switched to EU 37 which ended up becoming my home for more than 8 months. What kept me coming back and again to the game?

When it comes to most of mobile MMOs you get the feeling that all of them try to become as good as PC MMOs, but Tales of Wind has its own unique feeling which works perfectly with mobile.
Your progress is capped by xp you can acquire daily, the controls are perfect with mobile, without becoming too complicated, the character building has so many variations to it that you can really in a lot of cases beat high BR people with thinking about how to set it up right.

tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

Even though the PVP exists in the game, and was the main reason I decided to try the game, pretty soon I ended up pretending it didn't exist because of how horrible it was. But even with horrible PVP the game had so much to offer that I couldn't stop playing. One of the best things being, community.

When it comes to people in the game, it really managed to gather the best of them. There is so many people who haven't even played MMO before, but still loved it and so many people who are there simply to socialise, which made my stay extremely welcomed.
tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

I could talk and talk about Tales of Wind, but instead if you are interested in the game, check out my In-depth review of Tales of Wind

This concludes the top mobile MMO list for summer of 2020. Hopefully you found something to immerse yourself in, and if you didn't, check out our Cutest Mobile MMORPG list Maybe something cute is what you are looking for in summer.
Thanks for reading, and have a good summer tapping!

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