10 Best Mobile Multiplayer Games for Couples

In gamers' relationship it seems like the easiest thing to do is find a hobby both of you would share, until you realise that you and your other half don't really share the interest in the same kind of games and finding something that suits you both is rather difficult. That's why we made a list of new mobile MMO, MMORPG and Multiplayer Online games you can play with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

And here it is!

10. Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala logoUlala promotionalUlala promotional

Ulala has been featured on almost all of out lists and rightfully so. The game doesn't have an ultimately difficult gameplay, or huge open world or anything like that, but instead its charm is in its simplicity. It's the only game that mixed idle and MMORPG into one thing while allowing you to experience the game in a very social way.

In the game you have to make a team and coordinate with your teammates, that you can replace with AI, which skills to use and which pets, because depending on the element the tide of battle will change.

Ulala promotionalUlala promotionalUlala promotionalUlala promotional

The amount of collectable pets, and the variety of maps will not bore you for a long time, and the best part is; you really don't need to invest too much time into it.
Being a idle game, the game hunts by itself, all you have to do is login daily, manage your character, set it up for the right map, and log out again.

If you think that's not enough time for you to enjoy the game, you can always make multiple characters and put them all into your team which is what I did.
While my girlfriend was playing one character I was playing three, and both of us had plenty for each of the game.
After playing the game for months we still log in time to time to check on our progress.

If you want to know more about the game check out our In-Depth Ulala Review

9. Royal Crown

Curse Of Aros logo
Royal Crown promotionalRoyal Crown promotional

Royal Crown is a cute mix between Battle Royale and MOBA game.
The game is slow paced so if you or your other half is not used to either of those genres, this one will be a good start.

This is not a first try to mix these genres, but definetly the first one that looks this cute. Playing this one alone is not as fun as DUOs since the game has classical healer/tank classes and combining characters can be a key to victory.
Game has a bunch of characters and all of them are interesting to play. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend like competitive games, but haven't played too many yet, this is a good one.

8. Extraordinary Ones

Extraordinary Ones logo
Extraordinary Ones promotionalExtraordinary Ones promotional

Extraordinary Ones is an anime style MOBA. The game doesn't have many differences from other MOBAs apart from its graphics style, which can be very appealing for anime lovers.

We played the game for some time, and it was the second best MOBA on mobile to be played, but we ended up quitting it since it's not a game you can keep grinding due to it's excessive colors and lightning. It starts hurting after a while.
Nonetheless, if you are looking for something to play from time to time, this one is a really good one.

7. Lumia Saga

LumiaSaga logo
Lumia Saga promotionalLumia Saga promotional

Lumia Saga has our title of the "Cutest Mobile MMORPG" and it definitely isn't just cute.
After starting we didn't take long to play together since after doing a little bit of story you are introduced into events and dungeons which you have to do with teammates. Me and Amano played this one and found it very fun to play together. Every dungeon required us to communicate, while playing Hammer+Warlock (Tank+Healer) we were able to clear most of the content on duo, that is to say, with quite a bit of difficulty.

Being honest though, what kept us playing for a while was the cuteness of the game and PVP since PVP in the game is really interesting. Character customization visually is rather unique, allowing you to change everything on your weapon from handle to top, so if you are not into PVP but instead like collecting, there is so much to collect.

6. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars logo
Brawl Stars promotionalBrawl Stars  promotional

Brawl Stars is one of the best games if you are looking for something casual to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The game has multiple modes, like battle royale, 3v3 arena , and a bunch of mini games in which you can play various characters with different skills all the while not staying too competitive, but of course if you want to, there is plenty of space to grow.

Brawl stars promotionalBrawl Stars  promotional

The best thing about this mobile multiplayer game is that nothing lasts longer than 5 minutes. The game modes are quick and painless, so you will never ragequit, and it is really easy to get into without having lots of complicated skills and items to use.

5. Tales of Wind

WorldOfDragonNest logo
tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

Tales of wind might be the most social mobile MMORPG. All the guild action, all the events, daily, weekly, all of them try to connect people socially and it succeeds in a lot of ways. Playing Tales of Wind I discovered so many people, (guys, girls, couples) who have also never played anything like that before, or in fact didn't really play games at all. The game tries to be entertaining for people who don't know what mobile MMORPG is and it does it really well.

tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

Playing with your other half will give you lots and lots of content to play through. Playing Healer + Tank will get you through the most content while using AI, but later game requires other people to help out. You can also marry and share the farm, which for some might seem too cringe, but having this option can lead to interesting role plays *wink*

tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

I could talk and talk about Tales of Wind, but instead if you are interested in the game, check out my In-depth review of Tales of Wind

4. AOE: Red Tides

AOE Red Tides logo
AOE Red Tides promotionalAOE Red Tides  promotional

AOE: Red Tides is the most serious looking entry on this list, but even if it doesn't look cute and charming it can still get both of you into it simply because of what it has to offer for duo players.

AOE is an auto-chess game, and when it comes to auto-chess it's not the best auto chess game, it's not the best looking one, it's not the most unique one, or advanced one, in fact it's one of the meh ones, however what it has is a unique duo mode in which you and your partner share the same board, trade and combine pieces, and in a sense, currency itself.

We started playing this multiplayer auto chess game a while ago and we are still playing it simply because both me and my girlfriend love auto chess, but this one is the only one that allows us to play on the same team in this unique way.
There is a lot of better auto chess games that has a duo mode, but we have tried pretty much everything and there was nothing that would have the real teamplay that AOE Red Tides has.

3. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang logo
Mobile Legends Bang Bang promotionalMobile Legends Bang Bang promotional

When it comes to mobile MOBA games, Mobile Legends is an obvious pick and the biggest cop-out to recommend, however, just in case you and your other half haven't heard of this one, or simply couldn't force yourself to try, we had to recommend it.

Even though it's a rather serious game, with extremely competitive gameplay, Mobile Legends can still be something you and your girlfriend/boyfriend enjoy simply because of how newbie friendly it is.
As you start you will be matched with AI for your initial matches, and later on a huge playerbase will allow you to get matched with people of your level which makes Mobile Legends the best mobile MOBA for beginners.

When me and amano started this one, she was a PRO at league, while I haven't played many MOBAs before, but Mobile Legends made me like them.

2. Random Dice: PVP Defense

random dice pvp defense logorandom dice pvp defense promotionalrandom dice pvp defense promotional

Random Dice is one of the best Multiplayer Tower Defence games on mobile, and it just so happens that it has a co-op mode.

Even though the amount of co-op games you can do is limited by tickets you obtain per day or per watching ads, 5 free games you can do every day will keep both you and your girlfriend entertained for a while.
The game doesn't force you to commit to it and instead offers a simple yet essential tower defence gameplay in which if you want to progress you absolutely can since there is a huge variety of dice with unique skills and combinations.

The co-op mode itself is a classical tower defence game in which you have to defend against as many waves as you can and even though it's not as fun as normal PVP it still is a very good game for couples who normally don't play too many games.

1. Dawn of Isles

Light Of Thel logo
Dawn Of Isles promotionalDawn Of Isles  promotional

Most of the games I play, I don't play alone, instead I play all of the games together with Amano, and Dawn of Isles was the only mobile game that we immediately agreed on playing and fell in love with.

Starting with classical MMORPG gameplay ending with Sandbox elements, Dawn of Isles had something that kept us both engaged all the time. It was the only game in which we couldn't decide which things to do because there was a bunch of things I wanted to do and a bunch she wanted to do, and it was really fun building up our island while she was running around looking for seeds for her farm(and pets, of course).

If you are not into sandbox don't worry since the game also offers great PVE dungeons, events and competitive team PVP arena and on top of that, the game also looks amazing!

If I had to pick one game to recommend to couples, this will definitely be it, and that's why it's on the top of this list.

That is all for our list of mobile MMO, MMORPG and Multiplayer Online Games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Hopefully you found something to immerse yourself in, and if you didn't, check out our Cutest Mobile MMORPG list Maybe something cute is what you are looking for in summer.
Thanks for reading, and have a good summer tapping!

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