Top 10 Cutest Mobile MMORPG Games 2020

Are you bored of the muscular men and korean fantasy women in mobile MMORPGS and instead looking for something new and cute? Or cute is the only language you speak?
This list might help you find a game you are looking for.

With that said, let's cute!

10. Mapplestory M

Mapplestory M logo
Mapplestory M promotionalMapplestory M promotional

Mapplestory M is a transition from a PC MMORPG that at this point deserves to be called a classic. Not only it is hella cute, but the 2D platformer gameplay is a rather unique style for MMORPG. The mobile version has its issues and according to lots of players it has lost its spirit compared to the PC version, but it hasn't lost its cuteness. The game is published by Nexon and has a rather bad monetization, but it still offers a huge amount of content, interesting customization and interesting classes to play. If you are looking for a cute platformer MMORPG this is really the only pick right now.

9. Dragon Nest M

Mapplestory M logo
Mapplestory M promotionalMapplestory M promotional

Dragon Nest M is another transition from a popular PC game titled Dragon Nest, however this one is quite a bit different from its predecessor. It is similar in a sense that the game is mostly dungeon based, and the graphics are similar, but it also reminds you that it's a mobile game because it has lost the most important feature of PC version - combat. The PC combat in Dragon Nest was really difficult to master with a bunch of various combos and sadly in this one that is no longer important.

However, criticizing a mobile title by PC standards is not exactly fair, and if we are judging the game by mobile standards, it really isn't bad. The community is nice (though it's not what it used to be), the graphics are cute, customisation is not its strength but the things you are given are really well designed. The game was released a couple of years back, but it is still relevant if you are looking for a cute mobile MMORPG.

8. Yokai Tamer

Yokai Tamer logo
YokaiTamer promotionalYokaiTamer  promotional

When it comes to EYOU games, if you have played one, you have played them all. The games usually have no difference in their gameplay to the point where if you simply swap graphics, you would still be playing the exact same game. But even though EYOU copies itself and the gameplay isn't all that great, it's undeniable that their art team is working their best. Most of EYOU games look either super cute or outright gorgeous, and we decided that in the cutest list Yokai Tamer takes the spot. If you are looking for a deep MMORPG with interesting guild content, then this one is not for you, but if you appreciate this kind of art, it's a really good pick, since it's definetly candy for the eyes.

7. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Ragnarok M Eternal Love logo
Ragnarok M Eternal Love promotionalYokai Tamer  promotional

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is yet another transition from a PC title, however in this case I can't compare those two since I have never player ragnarok on PC, so the perspective is purely from mobile.

Apart from being hella cute, Ragnarok M has lots of interesting content including trading, crafting, pvp and more. The game has quite a bit of field auto grind which is limited to hours per day, so if you are not into keeping your phone online for games, this one might not work for you. However if you don't mind that or if you don't care about quick progress then this game is definitely worth a try.

6. World of Dragon Nest

WorldOfDragonNest logo
World Of Dragon Nest promotionalWorld Of Drago nNest  promotional

World of Dragon Nest is another version of Dragon Nest on mobile that is currently only available in South East Asian region, however it is playable in English without VPN. The game differs quite a bit from the previous title by having open-world, much more customisation and heavily relying on field auto grind, which for some might seem like a good thing and for some not so much. Personally I like the older version of Dragon Nest M better, but this one is definetly much better looking. The game starts with not locked genders, and keeps going with lots of outfits and interesting mob designs, great looking dragons and the rest. This title definitely gives off a better sense of MMORPG since you interact with people much more than in the older instanced one.

5. Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus

Light Of Thel logo
World Of Dragon Nest promotionalWorld Of Drago nNest  promotional

Just like the previous title, this one is also currently only available in SEA. Light of Thel really beats the titles before by a mile, if not by cuteness then by gameplay. The game has loads of cute mounts, pets and even AI team members that you can recruit. The customizability from armor to outfit is pretty nice, the monster designs are great and the world itself is gorgeous.

When it comes to gameplay, Light of Thel has everything you would want from MMORPG starting with trading and crafting, ending with great dungeons, raids, guild wars, massive PVP and everything else. The game doesn't have the typical mobile MMORPG auto play, and instead relies a lot on you being present, especially in dungeons and raids. The only auto you do is auto questing, and achievement collecting. It's unknown when and if the game will be released for western regions, but you can play it in english without VPN right now. It is really worth a try.

4. Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala logoUlala promotionalUlala promotional

If you are not looking for a MMORPG to commit to, but instead something casual that wouldn't take up much time and would give you most of the important experiene that MMORPG can offer, you must try Ulala. This game is really easy to fall in love with; with it's cute character designs and a huge variety of amazingly cute pets which are not just for the looks, but for the utmost importance in battle.

The game mixes Idle and MMORPG in a way that it hasn't been mixed before. You can play it alone, but if you want better results you will need to find a team with which you will run through hunting season and later hero hill. In this game you have to select the right skills and right pets to fight for you in battle to ensure vicotry. The character customisation is also very cute, giving variety of cosmetic items that can be equipped by character. It also does collab events with known anime and you can even get anime outfits like Attack on Titan and such.

After playing Ulala for a couple of months I still cannot stop myself from suggesting it to everyone since it's definetly the best dose of cute from a game for a mere 20-40 minutes a day. Highly recommended.

3. Dawn of Isles

Light Of Thel logo
Dawn Of Isles promotionalDawn Of Isles  promotional

Just like Ulala this game has cute all over the place. The theme and style is similar to Ulala, but it has much more space for cute, that is because you are not limited to explore specific areas. The game is open world, you also get a sandbox private island and the zones are really well designed, keeping your attention often on the surrounding instead of what is happening in front of you. But for what is happening in front of you? well..

While Ulala has a very idle and simplistic gameplay this one offers a much deeper one. Starting with combat which has a huge variety of skills that can be combined for maximum efficiency, dungeons that keep you gripped all the way, since the second you look away - you are dead, quest line that has a decent story and much more. For a mobile MMORPG Dawn of Isles has much more to offer than what you would expect. It doesn't force you to auto everything and instead relies on you trying to socialise, find teams for dungeons, Sandboxing your island, and of course PVPing. The game has one of the best combat systems on mobile, and the only thing that is keeping it down from being the cutest and the best mobile mmorpg is character customisation.
While it seems that Dawn of Isles has everything, the character creation alone is hurting, since you do not create a character, but instead pick one, and the classes are gender locked. Furthermore, the character doesn't change that much either, but that doesn't change the fact they look great. If you do not care that much about how your character looks , but instead you want a good mobile MMORPG, then this one is definitely the best pick.

2. Tales of Wind

WorldOfDragonNest logo
tales Of Wind promotionaltales Of Wind  promotional

If you are looking for a cute mobile MMORPG there is a small chance that you haven't heard of Tales of Wind since this game is not only one of the cutest mobile MMORPGs, but also with 5 million + downloads on google play, it is one of the most popular mobile MMORPGs, and for good reason. The game has gorgeous looking open-world, huge variety of customisable outfits of which most are simply amazing looking. The mounts, especially pay to win ones or the guild war ones, are interesting, cute, and unique looking. The guardians are also cute and the amount of content the game offers is huge. The game opens new servers all the time, so if you are a semi competitive player, this one works for you too.

I have been playing the game for almost a year and have a lot of things to say about it, so if you are interested you should check In-depth review for Tales of Wind

1. Lumia Saga

Lumia Saga logo
lumia saga promotionallumia saga promotional

When it comes to cutest, nothing comes close to Lumia Saga. The game doesn't have an inch that wouldn't be cute. monsters, bossess, characters, weapon designs, armor designs, everything yells cute. The variety of outfits and weapons that you can customise with weapon and armor fragments that you drop from bosses are huge, and to top it there are also outfits. The customisability in this game is unmatched, so it the cuteness.

Apart from being The cutest, Lumia Saga also has the best pvp for mobile MMORPG. The game has multiple modes like 3 vs 3 and 15 vs 15 battlegrounds in which you fight while using various combinations of your skills and items' skills. PVP in the game feels balanced and the combos you can think of are interesting. Dungeons are also plenty difficult and require you to be present at most times. The game has classical Tank/Healer combinations so having a good guild or constant team is also a good idea.

Lumia Saga didin't get enough attention due to bad marketing, but the game is definitely worth checking out (If you do, try hammer, it's awesome!). If you want cute, nothing will cute you more than this one.

This sums it up for our cutest mobile MMORPG list with a grand winner being Lumia Saga. There have been games that we knowingly didn't include like Guardian Tales because even though it is MMO and it is RPG it's not exactly MMORPG (sounds ridiculous I know) and Mabinogi Fantasy Life which we had dificulties reviewing, but if you think we missed some MMORPG that deserves to be here, please leave it in the comment bellow. We are interested in your opinion and are always looking for a way to cute ourselves to infinity, so if you have a suggestion we missed, please share. Hope you find something to cute you and thanks for looking at this one!

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