Top 10 Casual Multiplayer Games for mobile

Are you looking for a game that could fill your short breaks, and don't want to invest too much time learning super complicated heroes, but also would like to have a game that has enough depth to keep you entertained for a while?

These are the top 10 casual games that are easy enough to start and spend some time in, bu also have plenty to offer if you want to go competetive

1. Random Dice: PVP Defense

random dice pvp defense logorandom dice pvp defense promotionalrandom dice pvp defense promotional
Random Dice is a Tower defense game, with one difference, that you don't really know what you are going to get. You buy a random dice and it is placed on your board. Once you get double dice of the same kind, you can fuse them. The strategic part of the game is to figure out when you want to fuse the dice, buy the dice or upgrade the dice, aswell as preparing the right dice before the match. The game offers a huge variety of interesting dice and combinations, so if you want to spend time in it, you will have plenty of content.

2. Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala logoUlala promotionalUlala promotional
Ulala is an idle MMORPG, and it is much different from others of the same genre. Your goal is to set up your character for the most efficient idle grind and compete in a hunting seasons. The game is amazing at what it does, and how it looks. The simplicity of taking the good MMORPG elements and mixing it with idle gaming will only require 20-40 minutes a day of your time, but if you want to , there is plenty of things to explore or even make multiple characters and put them in the same team, which will keep you in game for not boring hours and hours. The only huge loss of the game is the cash shop, which is sadly the definition of pay to win.

3. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars logo
BrawlStars promotionalBrawlStars promotional
Brawl Stars has been out there for a while now and highly likely you have heard of it, but we still feel that it's a must be in our list. Brawl stars is a top down skill shooter with multiple modes to compete in of which all of them only take 1-3 minutes which makes it the perfect casual competetive game. There is plenty of heroes to unlock, and the more you progress the stronger opponents you will get so it will never get too casual.

4. Smashing Four

Ulala logoSmashingFour promotionalSmashingFour promotional
Smashing four is a slingshot RTS game. You have to slingshot your warriors into opponent warriors to deal damage and destroy them. The game is very easy to get into, and doesn't require much brain power to start fighting your PVP battles, but as you progress there is more and more unique warriors and abilities they have that can change the outcome instantly if you combine them well.

5. Milk Choco

Milk Choco 2 logo
Milk Choco promotionalHead Ball 2 promotional
The only TPS in our list is this cute game Milk Choco. The game plays very well on mobile devices, and the fact that they seperate mobile players and emulator players makes it so that there is no frustration of meeting one sided opponents. In the game you fight for either Milk or Choco in multiple game modes including quick battle royale. The game has plenty of unlockable weapons for arena, and it's cutesy design will keep you engaged for a long time.

6. Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 logo
Head Ball 2 promotionalHead Ball 2 promotional
Head Ball 2 is a 2D soccer game. The game looks super simple from the side, and it definetly is from the start. But the further you get the more characters unlock and the more special skills you need to prepare against. The game commentator, and the music make it feel more serious than it is which in itself leaves a very funny impression.

7. Flick Arena

Ulala logoFlick Arena promotionalFlick Arena promotional
A very similar title to our 4. Smashing Four is Flick Arena. The difference here is that both you and your opponent set up your slingshots at the same time, and when the turn ends, they fire simultaneously, which makes the strategy a little more complicated since here you have to anticipate your opponents next turn to attack and defend at the same time. The game also offers maps with real bad obstacles that can help in your victory or quick demise.

8. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars logo
Head Ball 2 promotionalSoccer Stars promotional
Another "sports" title in this list is Soccer Stars. This game gives off a air hockey feeling, but here you do your moves in turns. The game doesn't have in depth customisation or super powered skills, but it's simplicity quickly becomes it's complexity once you realise how important it is to aim in this game as well as the fact that you can bid and lose all of your money on a match.

9. Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars logo
Battle Racing Stars promotionalBattle Racing Stars promotional
Battle Racing Stars, as you would expect, is a racing game. You have to race your opponents in a 2D map, where your job is to change lanes by swiping up or down, while also trying to hit your opponents with a character unique skill and defend from other attacks. The game has cute graphical design and has many characters to unlock and race with.

10. Battle Balls Royale

Battle Balls Royale logo
BattleBallsRoyale promotionalBattleBallsRoyale promotional
Battle Balls Royale is an IO royale game, and the most casual game on this list. In this game your job is to consume other things, grow bigger, fighter other balls, and consume them. The winner is last man standing. The game is as casual as it gets, but meeting other players makes you remember that dodging mechanics are an important feature

That's all for our top list of casual games. Which games do you think shouldn't be here, or which games should be, let us know in the comment section bellow

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