10 Best Mobile Multiplayer Online Games Released in 2020

2020 had lots of great MMO, MMORPG and Multiplayer Online games for Mobile. There is plenty of games to try and choosing one might be difficult so hopefully this list will help you find something to play.

In this list we only include games that have been released in 2020 and are playable in english so we skiped some great SEA titles that should be coming shortly.

Here is the list!

10. KartRider Rush+

KartRiderRushPlus logo
KartRiderRushPlus promotionalKartRiderRushPlus M promotional

If you are looking for a game that's similar to Super Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, you might like this one. KartRider Rush+ had a rough start, but ignoring that there is nothing wrong with the game. Sure it's released by Nexon and has heavy monetization but all that aside it's a really fun PVP racing game that you can also play with friends. The game has multiple modes, like solo racing, team racing, as well as racing with power ups and eternal boost modes that will keep you engaged for a while.

Genre: PVP, Racing, Cute

9. Legends of Runeterra

LegendsOfRuneterra logo
LegendsOfRuneterra promotionalLegendsOfRuneterra M promotional

Legends of Runeterra is a PVP CCG game based on the world of League of Legends. As much as I like Hearthstone, and as much as I like League, I thought this would be a perfect fit for me, but alas it was not to be. The game is pretty, the art on the cards is nice, the skills of the cards are nice, but it just feels so... Slow. It feels kind of pay to win too, which makes sense as you can buy card boxes, but there's just something about it that feels off. Whether it's the cards returning, the wait turns, the coin in the middle or godknows what else, it just doesn't leef like how I'd want it to. It's not Heartstone. But if you're hella bored and you need a timesink(and you like League), this one will definitely do the job for you

Nonetheless the game has been developed and published by Riot Games so even if it's not the most original, or the most engaging card game out there, it still is one of the best Multiplayer card games released in 2020.

Genre:PVP, Cards (CCG)

8. Royal Crown

Curse Of Aros logo
Royal Crown promotionalRoyal Crown promotional

This is not the only Battle Royale released in 2020, but this is the one we think is worth adding due to the fact it mixes both MOBA playstile and Battle Royale, providing a unique, or at least more unique gameplay to the genre.
The game is slow paced so if you are not used to either of those genres, this one will be a good start.

This is not a first try to mix these genres, but definetly the first one that looks this cute.
Game has a bunch of characters and all of them are interesting to play with unique abilities that are reinforces by usable items you pick up along the way.

Genre: Battle Royale

7. Eternal Sowrd M

Eternal Sword M logo
Eternal Sword M promotionalEternal Sword M  promotional

While I got the opportunity and was beta testing another Neocrafts game (which is not yet released), they announced that Eternal Sword M is going to be released on march 2020 which left me skeptical thinking that they won't be able to release a decent mobile MMORPG while making 2 other games at the same time, however I was wrong.

Eternal Sword M is a sci-fi fantasy mobile MMORPG with interesting classes and great combat which was left unnoticed due to not having excessive marketing like other mobile MMORPGs get. The combat in game felt great, the PVE was interesting, the only lack I felt was the lack of players running arround. The game now has over 1 million downloads in play store so that issue might not be present anymore which makes me want to go back to it and play again.

Apart from having great combat and overall feeling, the game has a rather unique visual look. Personally I think from all the new mobile MMORPGs that have been released recently, Eternal Sword M is the only one worth investing time in.


6. Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight logo
Dead By Daylight promotionalDead By Daylight  promotional

Dead by Daylight is a popular PC game that has also been released on mobile. In this game you have to be either a killer who hunts victims, or a victim who tries to escape by operating a machinery. The PC version of the game is close to being a masterpiece, so it's no surprise that a mobile version is also a great game.

Genre: it's genre defining hide and seek game.

5. GuardianTales

Dead By Daylight logo
Guardian Tales promotionalDead By Daylight  promotional

Guardian tales is not exactly a game that focuses on multiplayer, but instead is a game with multiplayer, and that is the only reason why this cute and really fun game is not in #1.
After Playing it for a while i can't stop falling in love with it since it's story is interesting and funny, character skills are just a pleasure to use, and the entire game is simply fun, but also plenty challenging.

When it comes to multiplayer though it doesn't have that much. It has guilds, and guild events in which you don't really interact with guildmates, but instead earn accumulative points. It also has a 3v3 tag arena which is awesome.

Genre: Gacha, RPG

4. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja logo
Dragon Raja promotionalDragon Raja promotional

When it comes to having it all, Dragon Raja does it. The sheer amount of content in the game is enormous, the graphics are breathtaking, the combat is one of the best on mobile, the customisation, the uniqueness, everything is there. The PVP is also engaging, and not just mindless button mashing. Plenty of combos to customise your character and find a playstyle that suits you best. So if it's so great, why is it not in the first place? well, the answer is simple.

While Dragon Raja has everything you would want from MMO, in the end it's just another great mobile MMORPG that tries to be as good as PC MMORPGs. Initially I played Dragon Raja on my phone, but soon I swapped to PC with emulator, and that was just so much more comfortable. On PC everything works like it would work on PC while on mobile turning that camera around can become annoying. So if you are looking for a truly great mobile MMO, this one is still not for you.
Nonetheless, if you have tried multiple MMOs on mobile, you should give this one a try, since there is weeks of unique content alone.


3. 7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross logo7DeadlySinsGrandCross promotional7DeadlySinsGrandCross promotional

7 Deadly Sins is a mobile game I genuinely love, although that is heavily because of the anime. But even if I am slightly blinded by how much the anime caught me, the actual game is great. The visuals in it are amazing, very anime-like, extremely accurate to every single character they've added. The actual gameplay feels very controlled, in the sense that you can micromanage it entilrely; picking targets for each of the 3 possible skills you use during your turn. It has an auto function, but for the most part you'll actually want to play the game yourself, unless you're grinding low dungeons for milk(of course). And then there's the actual live PVP of it, which is still as micromanagable, except now there's an actual thinking human on the other end not a bot, and they will spam emoticons at you to distract you but don't let them, it's a trick!

Ulala promotionalUlala promotionalUlala promotionalUlala promotional

End all be all, I love this game. It's great to sink some time into when you have the time, and it doesn't require you to check in on it daily, which is great for casual people like me(and possibly you?).

Amano has a great review for this one so if you are interested check In-Depth 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross Review

Genre: Gacha, RPG, Anime

2. Teamfight Tactics

KickFlight logo
TeamfightTactics promotionalTeamfightTactics promotional

Teamfight Tactics is another game produced and released by Riot Games (League of Lengends creators). It is an Auto Chess type game in which you buy units of varying prices and strength to put on your chess board, those 'pieces' will then fight the opponents 'pieces' and whoever has units left alive at the end of the round wins. The games are a 8-man free for all, you start with 100 health (or more if the special board is triggeed), and achieve victory by Last man Standing standards.

I really like this game, the pc version of it was the first auto chess game I tried and I loved. I will say the mobile one doesnt quite measure up to the PC one, but it's a really good one to sink time in. Speaking of time, you will need up to an hour to complete a match, so strap in for that!

Genre: RTS, Auto-Chess

1. Kick-Flight

KickFlight logo
KickFlight promotionalKickFlight promotional

Kick-Flight might be the most unique game on mobile mixing quidditch from Harry Potter and super power from animes like Dragon Ball. In this one you fly around, beating up other players while trying to gather points for your team and defending your points and yourself from opponents.

The game has difficult controls and is really hard to master but once you get it, it rewards you in a lot of ways. Apart from looking great visually the game plays really well and has a lot of unique characters and different roles to play.

I have been playing this game for a while and still felt like i didin't do it right. The skill level in this game is really high not only because of controls but also for character selection and map positioning and general understanding of the game. Kick-Flight is definetly my personal best mobile multiplayer online game of 2020 so far

There are far more games that I didn't mention in this list, either because I didn't like them as much or just honestly missed them. If you think there was something definitely worth being here that I have missed, please let me know in the comments bellow since I always look for new games to try and add to our Gamelist

Keep in mind this list only covers the games that have been released up to June of 2020 so don't be mad that we didin't put zenonzard or StoneAge world in here yet, since we still need to try those.

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