10 Best mobile Multiplayer Games to Play With Friends

Looking for Best mobile Games to play with your friends during this weird time? There is a whole bunch of them on mobile and we tried to pick the best out of all the new MMO, MMORPG and Multiplayer Online Games.

P.S in this list we won't mention games like PubG Mobile, Mobile Legends or Call of Duty Mobile since you have most likelly have already heard of them. And if you haven't then be sure to check them out.

So here is the list!

10. BarbarQ

Mapplestory M logo
BarbarQ promotionalMapplestory M promotional

BarbarQ is an interesting mix between IO and MOBA games in which you have to kill opponents to grow bigger and stronger. It is the only IO game that provides a teamplay and a mechanic in which if you die, you don't lose. Instead, as long as there is a member of team still alive, you respawn. Just like in MOBAs, every time you level up you gain a skill and most of them are rather game changing.

The game is really fun if you are looking for something that wouldn't be too competitive since its playstyle is rather simplistic and average game time is up to 5 minutes.

In this game you can play solo, 2v2v2 or 3v3v3

9. Godlike Fog

Godlike Fog M logo
Godlike Fog M promotionalGodlike Fog M promotional

Godlike Fog is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game with pixelated graphics and a bunch of interesting heroes and skills. Even though the game looks simple, don't let it trick you, it isn't. The game offers interesting combat mechanics, heroes, and differs from most MOBAs by pretty much everything.

The game doesn't rely on the traditional capture base or points systems and instead focuses mostly on PVP, so if you are into that kind of thing, you should try it.

The game has a 3v3 mode which is the focus of the game and a deathmatch.

8. ShellFire

ShellFire logo
ShellFire promotionalShellFire  promotional

If you played Overwatch or Paladins on PC and wondered if there was something similar on mobile, here you have it. Shellfire is a mobile MOBA FPS game in which you fight to capture the point with various heroes. The game has quite a bit of negative reviews due to such an obvious copying of a famous title, but also because it does have quite a bit of bugs and glitches including the fact that it is playable on PC via emulator, thus fights can be very one sided.

Nonetheless, as a fan of Paladins I enjoyed this one a lot and I think it's not bad to have a game filling the genre on mobile, at least until something better comes out.

In this game you fight in a standart 5 vs 5 team battles.

7. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja
DragonRaja promotionalDragonRaja  promotional

Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game). MMORPGs are known to be the most social games out there, and out of all the new mobile MMORPGs out there, Dragon Raja might be the one that offers the most.

Apart from being visually stunning, this MMO offers lots and lots of different kinds of content like guild events, weekly events, daily events, PVP, Sandbox and much more.

If you are looking for a game in which you and your friends could commit, Dragon Raja might be a really good pick right now, though keep in mind, there is no little bit of MMORPG. They require all your game time.

In dragon Raja most of the content is clearable either solo or with 5 players, but there are events that will require your entire guild like Guild PVP.

6. Pirate Code

PirateCode logo
Pirate Code promotionalPirate Code  promotional

Even if you are not into naval battles, Pirate Code can still give you lots of fun due to how unrealistic it is. It is not trying to simulate naval battle, but instead tries to make it fun and competitive. The game has a capture the point as well as some PVE modes which are also interesting to play. Different ships and different weapons will keep you and your friends entertained for a while.

Compared to most of the Naval battle games Pirate Code is probably the most casual and not in a bad way. If you want to try something new, this one is a good pick.

This game has a standard 5 vs 5 capture the point game mode and some PVE modes you can play with friends.

5. Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions logo
Super Mecha Champions Nest promotionalSuperMechaChampions  promotional

When it comes to mobile Battle Royale FPS, Super Mecha Champions is definitely my favourite, and not only because I love anime, but also because of the gameplay it provides.

Like most of Battle Royale games, you land there, gather stuff up, engage in small combats and at the point where you seem like you have been had you tap that big button and BAM! YOU ARE IN A GIANT ROBOT!

The only big loss of this game is that unlike all of NetEases other Battle Royales, this one is not blocked on Emulator so if you meet a person who is playing on PC it will feel one sided (though to be honest every emulator I tried it on left me with up to 10 FPS so I ended up playing it on phone anyway which turned out to be a much better experience).

In this game you have the standard Battle Royale mode in which you can participate solo, duo, or in team of 3 and a Team Deathmatch in which you can play 5 vs 5

4. LifeAfter

LifeAfter logo
LifeAfter promotionalLifeAfter promotional

LifeAfter is a mobile PVP Sandbox Survival game in which you have to gather food and supplies to survive while defending from zombie attacks (be careful at nights). The game has pretty much everything you would want from this kind of game. Open World in which you gather resources, base building (instanced) that can be shared with your friends, as well as some story and non story PVE events.

LifeAfter is one of the best mobile games in general since it provides lots of different ways to play the game and everyone can find something in it. Even the story is not bad. I am not a big fan of survival games, but was really impressed that if I wanted I could play something this good for free on my phone (though I played it on PC)

In this game you can share base, resources and build base together with your friends while also you can do various PVE tasks, dungeons and PVP against other players.

3. Extraordinary Ones

Extraordinary Ones logo
Extraordinary Ones promotionalExtraordinary Ones promotional

After playing a lot of classical MOBAs there was really nothing to replace Mobile Legends with. That game deemed itself best over other mobile MOBAs too many times, until Extraordinary Ones came out. I am not saying Extraordinary Ones is better than Mobile Legends, but it definitely is different from Mobile Legends. Every other game tries to be Mobile Legends, but this one tries to fill a niche for people who love anime. And that is not the only unique thing about it. It also has some little quirks noticable in other NetEases MOBAs.

After playing Extraordinary Ones for a while I wasn't ready to drop Mobile Legends entirelly but this one was a really good break, especially for an anime lover.

In this game you play the standart 5 vs 5 matches.

2. Kick-Flight

KickFlight logo
KickFlight promotionalKickFlight promotional

Kick-Flight might be the most unique game on mobile mixing quidditch from Harry Potter and super power from animes like Dragon Ball. In this one you fly around, beating up other players while trying to gather points for your team and defending your points and yourself from opponents.

The game has difficult controls and is really hard to master but once you get it, it rewards you in a lot of ways. Apart from looking great visually the game plays really well and has a lot of unique characters and different roles to play.

In this game you play in teams of 4

1. Armajet

Armajet logo
Armajet promotionalArmajet  promotional

Armajet is just great. It's hard to say anything else about the game, because it doesn't really introduce new concepts or ideas, it doesn't have super graphics or open world, but it is simply great at what it does. The quality of the game is proof of how you don't need to expand on every quality and instead how you should polish the qualities you already have.

From all the mobile 2D shooters Armajet requires the highest skill level since you need to move vertically and horizontally with left joystick while aiming and shooting with right joystick. The weapons and power ups can remind you of classics like Quake. The game itself plays really well on mobile

In this game you can play solo or 4v4 Team Deathmatch

There are far more games that I didn't mention in this list, either because I didn't like them as much or just honestly missed them. If you think there was something definitely worth being here that I have missed, please let me know in the comments bellow since I always look for new games to try and add to our Gamelist

Thanks for reading, or scrolling, or just looking at the pictures, or honestly just for clicking this link on google and ! hope you found something here that you can play with your mom, because we all know you don't have friends.

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